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Are you ready to unlock your leaders' full potential?

Do you aspire to develop a confident, impactful, and fit-for-purpose leadership population that can coach and empower others? If so, we have the perfect, proven and ready-to-go solutions for you!
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Want to develop a coaching capability across your organisation?

Whether you have seasoned managers, aspiring leaders, or professionals looking to enhance their coaching capabilities, our skills programmes are proven to help you achieve your organisational development goals.

Proven Programmes

Our ready to go coaching skills programmes

Coachee Readiness

Coachability and a growth mindset are key to coaching. This programme gets your people ready, willing and able to be coached.

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Coaching Fundamentals

Growing awareness across your organisation of coaching, its uses and benefits, so that it becomes an everyday, accepted practice.

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Leader as Coach

Building coaching skills across your leadership population so that coaching becomes part of the way they lead and develop their people.

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Endorsed Skills Programme

Our quality assured endorsed programmes are an ideal alternative to the ILM Qualificctions.

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ILM Coaching Qualifications

Explore the options for gaining an ILM Coaching Qualification and start your journey to become a professional coach.

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Advanced Coaching Skills

Extend your coaching skills with our advanced skills programmes, also ideal for your CPD needs.

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Need a tailor-made solution specially created for you?

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Tailor Made Solutions

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What you can expect from our coaching skills programmes.

A brief overview of what you can expect your leaders to be better and develop their coaching capability.

Unleash Coaching Potential:
Master Effective Communication:
Develop Powerful Leadership Styles
Personal Growth and Transformation
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Why choose us?

Expert Facilitators

Our programmes are led by industry experts with extensive experience in coaching and leadership development - benefit from their wealth of knowledge, practical insights, and real-world examples.

Interactive Learning

Engage in dynamic and interactive sessions, including group exercises, case studies, live coaching sessions, and discussions. This experiential approach ensures that your leaders can apply their learning immediately.

Tailored Content

Our proven programmes are designed to address your unique organisational needs and challenges. We customise the content to match your industry, seniority, and specific goals, ensuring your leaders receive the most relevant and impactful training possible.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment to ongoing success continues after the programme. Access post-programme resources through our Learning Hub, including coaching materials, guides, videos, and ongoing support from our team. This helps you and your leaders reinforce, embed and apply the skills and mindset.

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