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Enhancing team performance in your organisation

We offer two levels of team coaching programmes at Coaching Focus Group. Our Team Coaching Fundamentals programme is designed for coaches who want to develop their skills to team coaching. 

Our Advanced Team Coaching programme is for experienced team coaches who wish to maximise the effectiveness of teams in your organisation.

Team Coaching: Fundamentals

Our fundamentals programme introduced coaches in your organisation to the concepts of team coaching and basic team dynamics.

This programme will develop your coaches to:

•    Highlight the similarities and differences between individual coaching, team building and team coaching and how these distinctions apply in practice.

•    Outline the key models and skills used by a team coach and provide opportunities for participants to practice.

•    Understanding different types of teams and what makes a high performing team.

Team Coaching: Advanced

Our advanced programme provides experienced coaches with the skills and confidence to coach teams effectively within your organisation.

This programme develops your experienced internal coaches to:

  • Understand the key skills of a team coach and develop the ability to apply these skills in practice.
  • Appreciate key team coaching models and how to apply them.
  • Carry out team coaching interventions within your organisational context.

Organisation benefits



Create understanding
Develop understanding in your organisation of individual coaching, team building and team coaching and their different uses.    

Develop internal team coaching capability
Develop internal coaches who can use basic team coaching approaches.    

Invest in your coaches
Demonstrate to your practicing coaches that you are committed to aiding their development.

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Develop team performance
Develop the capability to offer senior teams trained internal coaches to improve their performance.

Reduce outsourcing
Remove the need to outsource team coaching interventions.

Develop coaching expertise
Provide opportunities for your internal coaches to develop their expertise.

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Face-to-face: 1-day workshop


x3 2-hour virtual sessions

Face-to-face: 4-day workshop


12 x 2-hour virtual sessions


Up to 8 participants per workshop / virtual session.

Access to online resources.

Pre and post-programme learner support.

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