Consultancy with a Coaching Lens

Supporting your organisation to develop the skills, behaviours, and mindsets needed to achieve its people priorities, such as employee trust and engagement, cultural change, and new ways of working



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Today’s organisations are facing major challenges: commercial, environmental and societal. Whatever the challenge, the solution can rarely work without the engagement of your people and a shift in what they do, how they do it and their belief in why it’s important.


Business transformation, employee engagement, culture change, new ways of working, diversity…


These are big issues - where do you start and what do you focus on to have the most impact on your people?

Challenges you may be facing


Facilitating Change


As your organisation faces change, how much attention do you pay to the implications of new operating models on your people – what they do, how they do it and how to engage them positively in change?

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Transforming Mindsets


“Change your mindset, change your results” … how often do organisations strive for different results, without recognising the change in mindset that’s needed in their people to achieve this?

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Increasing Employee Engagement


How can your organisation keep its employees engaged and mitigate the risks which have left many businesses crying out for talent due to “The Great Resignation”?

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Building Empowered and Trusting Cultures


The new ways of working accelerated by the pandemic should have trust and empowerment at their core – how can you embed this into your organisation’s leadership style as the world returns to “the new normal”?

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Embedding Wellbeing and Sustainable Ways of Working


How can you make sure that your people get the support they need in the day to day, and that the ways of working expected of them enhance rather than detract from their wellbeing? How are you enabling leaders to support others?

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