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Getting your people ready, willing and able to be coached



For many organisations, the introduction of coaching into the line management role (or through an internal cadre of coaches) can be one-sided, involving a coaching training programme for the line managers and then a communication through the line that coaching of staff will commence shortly! 

This process omits the vital step of engaging employees / coachees in the process. 

A rounded process to introduce an effective performance culture will educate line managers / coaches with the appropriate skills and behaviours to coach effectively, and at the same time should enrol and engage employees / coachees in the process too. 


Coaching is a collaborative dialogue and as the saying goes, "it takes two to tango". The more both coach and coachee are enrolled and engaged in the process, the more effective coaching will be and the greater the performance shift as a result.

This means that employees / coaches should also fully appreciate what coaching is, how the process of coaching helps people learn and perform to their best, and what they need to do as individuals to maximise the opportunities that coaching might offer them.

Programme Outline

Delivered via two, 2-hour workshops, Coachee Readiness aims help potential coachees understand what coaching is, how it helps people learn, the benefits this gives in terms of personal performance, and what they might get out coaching for themselves as individuals.

This enrolment process means that when managers start to coach, they are less likely to meet resistance and more likely to find that employees are willing and able to engage in collaborative, focussed coaching conversations to improve their personal performance.

In principle, coaching will then become embedded more quickly, allowing for more rapid performance improvement across the organisation and a quicker return on investment.

The content is presented on slides with tutor input. There are several paired / small group discussions, and some paired coaching exercises. Individuals also complete a unique Readiness for Coaching questionnaire which gives an indication of an individual’s openness to being coached, and what they might choose to do to become even more ready for coaching.

The aim of this workshop is to:

  • Help participants appreciate the neuroscience behind coaching, and the advantages of a growth mindset in achieving goals.
  • Enable participants to understand what coaching is and how coaching enables a growth mindset.
  • Give participants a flavour of what coaching is using the LEAP model.

Participants complete the Coachee Readiness questionnaire in preparation for Workshop Two.

This workshops aims to:
  • enable participants to understand the difference between coaching and managing.
  • help participants appreciate the responsibilities of both manager and coachee in a coaching relationship.
  • develop participants' understanding of what benefits coaching could give them personally.
  • encourage participants to appreciate their own Coachee Readiness level and to be clear on next steps for their own coaching.

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