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Coachee Readiness

Successful coaching outcomes depend not solely on the leader’s coaching expertise but also on the readiness and commitment of the coachee, the individual being coached.
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Coaching Mojo Unleashed!

Our Coachee Readiness Programme is a unique approach to personal and professional growth that focuses on preparing individuals to maximise the benefits of a coaching style of leadership.
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Coachee Readiness

This programme for coachees cultivates the mindset and skills of the  necessary to facilitate effective coaching conversations between colleagues.

Accelerate Your Growth!

When coachees are equipped with the right tools, self-awareness, and readiness, they can fully embrace the coaching process and extract maximum value from their coaching conversations.
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What you can expect from this programme.

A brief overview of how you can expect to be better and develop your coaching skills.

Building Self-Awareness
Understanding of Coaching
Mindset Development
Effective Communication
Continuous Growth and Reflection
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Programme Outline

At a glance.

Delivery options

  • Face to Face – Half to 1-day workshop
  • Virtual – 2 to 3 x 2-hour sessions
  • Online – 3 modules
  • Or a combination of all the above

Maximum Group Size –15

Workbook and Online Resources Available

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Like all our skills programmes, the Coachee Readiness programme can be completed via our online Learning Hub. This is an excellent solution if you seek a scalable, flexible and accessible solution for developing coachability across your organisation.
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We are confident that our Coachee Readiness programme will prepare individuals to be coached and adopt a growth mindset.

But if this solution doesn’t fit your needs precisely, check out our other solutions that may.

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No worries! Book an exploratory call with one of our experts to find the best solution for your needs.