Whether you are an experienced coach looking to expand your skill set or an internal coaching professional seeking to build on your abilities, our advanced coaching skills programmes and resources are a great starting point. They can be tailored to your organisational needs.

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Expand your coaching toolkit with our expert-led masterclasses. Dive into specific coaching topics, gain in-depth knowledge, and discover practical strategies. From neuroscience-based coaching to positive psychology interventions, our masterclasses offer cutting-edge approaches and valuable networking opportunities to enrich your coaching practice.

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Advanced Coaching Tools

Elevate your coaching sessions with our advanced coaching tools. Designed to facilitate transformative change, our innovative resources include techniques, assessments, and exercises to support coachees in setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and achieving sustainable growth. Through comprehensive training, you'll master the effective use of these tools, enhancing the impact of your coaching experiences.

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Team Coaching

Unlock the full potential of teams with our powerful Team Coaching Programmes. From introductory sessions to advanced programmes, we equip coaches with the skills to navigate team dynamics, foster collaboration, and drive high-level team development. Gain valuable insights, tools, and techniques to optimise team effectiveness through theory, practical exercises, and case studies.

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Coach Supervision

Elevate your coaching practice through our Coach Supervision Skills Programmes. Explore introductory and advanced options that provide a supportive and empowering environment to enhance your knowledge of coach supervision, experience supervision, and develop as a professional coach. Gain valuable insights and skills to advance your coaching practice.

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