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Our free monthly lunchtime webinar sessions offer insight and solutions into the world of coaching. Each session is run by a coaching expert who will explore different topics.  

Join in the discussion and take away practical and useful tips to enable you to build successful organisational coaching activity.


Coming up in 2023

Leading in Chaos

Tuesday 28 March -1 - 1:45pm with Marc Wicks MBE (Coaching Focus Group)

In this unpredictable world where change is constant, chaos is a context that many leaders in today’s organisations are dealing with. What is chaos and how can you as a leader adapt to this challenging situation and provide the inspiration that will align your team and people, to achieve a successful outcome?

Learn how to make effective and timely decisions during uncertain times with Marc Wicks MBE. Throughout his 32 year military career, Marc has worked in multi-culturally diverse organisations and been a member of the Command Team within the Royal Marines and the NATO Headquarters in the USA.






Everyday coaching conversations 
Thursday 27 April - 12-12.45pm with Derek Blackburn (Coaching Focus Group)
Spot ‘coachable moments’ and how to turn these into development conversations that help you grow your people and your business.

Building sustainable resilience 
Wednesday 7 June - 12-12.45pm with Valerie Stevenson (Coaching Focus Group - Executive Coach)
Develop your own levels of resilience and support your people through todays challenging times by understanding the tools and techniques that coaches use to help their coachees stay resilient.


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Previous webinars


Accelerating Change and transistion

with Trayton Vance (Coaching Focus Group).

In this session Trayton examines how the coach might be involved in facilitating people through the reactions to change, overcome resistance to change and provide a way forward for the individual to transition into the new world and focus on developing the new competencies they will require.



Coaching to support mental wellbeing in the workplace

with Craig Fearn (Lighthouse Mentoring) and Trayton Vance (Coaching Focus Group).

In this session, Craig and Trayton discuss how to empower your businesses and individuals to take a proactive approach to personal and business mental wellbeing.

When workplaces accept that poor mental wellbeing need not be endured in silence, and that there is a clear duty of care to offer meaningful, sustainable support for employees, the business gains are both evident and clear.






Why coaching is the new leadership style

Trayton Vance discusses how power is shifting from the employer to the employee - in this new world, leaders will need to move away from a command-and-control approach and develop a coaching style of leadership.




Building resilience in the energy and utility sector

Trayton Vance talks through challenges facing the E&U sector. Exploring the potential solutions and the role that coaching can play in supporting the sector, Trayton guides us through how to adapt, maintain performance, and ultimately thrive.






Coachee Focus

Derek Blackburn outlines the key elements to help support, prepare,  and engage coachees throughout the coaching process. Focusing on those who are part of large scale internal initiatives this 45-minute webinar is perfect for HR/L&D leaders who are about to undertake large scale coaching projects.



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