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Developing knowledge, skills and tools around specific topic areas



If you're looking for ways to equip your leaders and coaches to deal with specialist topic areas that are relevant to your organisation and want to support their CPD, then our Masterclasses solution is ideal.

Our Masterclasses are designed to provide relevant, focused and practical development for leaders and practising coaches.

They engage learners in exploring skills, tools and techniques to meet specific challenges they may be facing and expand their understanding of those specialist topic areas.

If you would like to discuss a specific topic area then please get in touch.


Our Masterclasses

Coaching through Transition

Equips coaches to support individuals transitioning through a career change, such as returning from parental leave, long term illness or a sabbatical. Focuses on new coaching questions, skills and techniques to help re-engage individuals with their workplace.

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Coaching through Change
Helps coaches understand their role in enabling organisational change. Focuses on tools and techniques to coach people through the reactions to change, helping them to overcome the resistance and discomfort of change and move towards the new era, where they may need to develop new competencies and ways of working.

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Coaching for Wellbeing
Develops understanding of wellbeing and how coaching relationships can impact and help maintain this for individuals. Focuses on ethical, inclusive and professional ways of coaching and how to respond if wellbeing is a concern.

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Coaching for Confidence
Equips coaches with the ability to understand how a lack of confidence may present itself, use confidence-coaching tools with clients and co-create individual action plans to take their confidence levels to new heights.

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Coaching to Increase Resilience
Provides the tools and techniques for coaches to support clients to build on and increase their resilience and ability to cope with stress and rise to the challenges facing them.

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