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Leader as Coach Endorsed

Our Leader as Coach Endorsed programme is a transformative approach to leadership development that empowers leaders to act as coaches within their organisations. This programme recognises the value of coaching in unlocking the full potential of individuals and teams, and it equips leaders with the skills and mindset necessary to support and guide those they lead.
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Internal Professional Coach

Our Internal Professional Coach Endorsed programme empowers you with the necessary tools and knowledge to become an effective internal professional coach within your organisation. The programme consists of comprehensive training modules that cover essential coaching techniques, active listening, powerful questioning, and goal-setting strategies. The programme also emphasises the importance of empathy and emotional intelligence, enabling coaches to connect with their coachee at a deeper level.
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Organisational Coaching Champion

Our Organisational Coaching Champion Endorsed programme develops you as a highly skilled and competent coach with knowledge of advanced coaching tools and techniques. The programme provides an understanding to develop a coaching strategy to help you facilitate a coaching culture within your organisation. With a deep understanding of coaching, you can champion your leaders and teams to cultivate a coaching mindset, foster open communication, and ignite a passion for continuous growth.
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Assured Endorsement

Our Endorsed Coaching Skills Programmes have been endorsed by our highly experienced and qualified coaches. This recognition not only adds credibility to your coaching credentials but also sets you apart in a competitive market. Stand tall, knowing that your training has been acknowledged and validated by experts in the coaching field.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Endorsed Coaching Skills Programmes provide a comprehensive curriculum covering all coaching aspects, from fundamental principles to advanced techniques. You'll gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills that will enable you to engage with individuals effectively, establish rapport, ask powerful questions, facilitate change, and drive transformational results.

Experienced and Supportive Faculty

Learn from the best in the industry. Our Endorsed Coaching Skills Programmes are led by highly experienced and qualified coaches who bring knowledge and real-world expertise. They are passionate about sharing their insights, guiding you through practical exercises, and providing personalised feedback to help you refine your coaching style.

Interactive Learning Environment

We believe in an interactive and engaging learning experience. Our programmes incorporate various teaching methods, including interactive workshops, live coaching sessions, case studies, and group discussions. This immersive approach ensures that you grasp theoretical concepts and develop practical skills through hands-on practice.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Your journey continues after the completion of the programme. We are committed to your continued growth and success as a coach. You'll gain access to a range of post-programme resources, including a dedicated community of coaches, ongoing professional development opportunities, and exclusive content to keep you updated with the latest coaching trends and best practices.

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