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Online coaching skills learning solution that accelerate coaching capability


Coaching skills development companion for your leaders, coaches and learners.

Our online Learning Hub is the place for your leaders, coaches and learners to develop, reinforce and embed their coaching skills.

Our high-quality digital learning content will help individuals acquire the knowledge and skills they need to optimise their coaching ability, whether they’re just starting out, upskilling or reskilling.

Deliver smarter learning with improved outcomes.

Learning Hub offers blended learning solutions that bring together our expertise in coaching skills content design and an innovative and flexible learning management system which empowers your learners to accelerate their coaching skills capability.

Content is designed to complement our workshop modules, our Learning Hub delivers interactive, engaging and accessible digital learning experiences with resources to equip learners to easily tailor their development journey, wherever and whenever they can.

Your digital learning companion

Self-learn or use to complement all our skills workshops, ILM Qualifications and Masterclasses.

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High quality learning content

Learning Hub content has been designed by our coaching experts and aligned to our proven coaching skills workshops, ILM Qualifications and Masterclasses.

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Effective learning experiences

Highly engaging, bite-sized interactive and meaningful learning modules, designed to motivate and engage learners through practical learning and understanding of workplace coaching.

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End-to-end support

We provide support for you and your learners on how best to use the learning content and maximise your financial investment and your learners’ time.

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Flexible delivery

The flexible nature of Learning Hub means we can customise the content as required to meet the specific needs of your learners.

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Subscription options

Learning Hub's flexible delivery model means you can subscribe to exactly what you need and when you need it to best support your organisational and learners objectives.

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Control and Insights

You have self-service access to progress tracking and learner performance data and analytics, meaning learners who need more help to improve learning outcomes can quickly be identified.



Effective Use of Contact Time
Reduces pressure on you to create and deliver proven learning resources thus freeing up time for higher value development activities.

Improve learner outcomes
Allows you to monitor and assess individual learner progress to provide targeted support to accelerate and increase coaching capability across your organisation.

Meet the needs of all learners
Customise learning content as necessary to meet the specific needs of leaders, coaches and learners.

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Easy to digest content
Digital learning content is presented in bite-sized, interactive, visually engaging modules which help learners to better manage and focus their coaching skills development.

Proven and Practical
The logical sequencing of our proven content makes learning more accessible and practical. The use of video tutorials and interactive content keeps learners actively engaged and helps them to grasp concepts quickly.

Builds confidence
The learning content includes short interactive quizzes, with immediate feedback enabling learners to assess their own learning progress, check their understanding, and build their confidence in workplace coaching.

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