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The podcast is for individuals interested in executive coaching, high-performance leadership, and personal development in the workplace.

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Ep 19 - Women in Leadership
With over 20 years experience in corporate retail, Nick Foster has held a variety of commercial roles from Buyer to Category Director and involved in a number of Leadership and Women’s Leadership programmes throughout her career. Nicky trained as a coach and recently joined CFG to support the mission “Coaching for a Better Tomorrow” which includes a passion for supporting Women in Leadership roles. In this conversation we uncover the key challenges facing women in leadership roles today, reflections from her own personal leadership journey and working with women one-to-one, and some practical takeaways to help develop their careers.
Ep 18 - Overcoming Inner Barriers
David Butterfield, a former Learning and Development professional with roles at Aggregate Industries, Dale Carnegie, and DHL, brings his expertise as a coach. Committed to aiding the less advantaged, he serves on the Lindley Educational Trust board. Join us to delve into breaking barriers, controlling our instincts, and the efficacy of coaching tools. From corporate procedures to childhood beliefs, we'll unearth hindrances and explore coaching's solutions in overcoming them.
Ep 17 - Mastering the Art of Career Pivots
Jane Ferré is a Talent Management Strategist, and runs her own coaching business that helps HR Directors revolutionise their talent management agenda quickly and easily. Tune in as we explore the journey of navigating career transitions and its challenges. We discuss building a strong network, responding to change, and how COVID-19 has impacted sectors. We also uncover democratising development and how to offer the necessary resources for people with potential.
Ep 16 - Coaching for Sustainability Advocates
On this episode of Coaching Focus Podcast, our guest, Grant Metcalfe-Smith, dives into the complexities of implementing sustainability initiatives in companies. Grant is an Australian-born finance professional who made a successful career in banking in London. However, four years ago, he decided to pursue coaching in the sustainability space. Grant discusses the importance of stakeholder support and incorporating sustainability strategies into corporate reports. Tune in to also learn more about addressing climate anxiety, the role of direct questioning in coaching, and finding enjoyment and balance in work.
Ep 15 - Clarity and Intent From The Frontlines
In this episode, we dive into the importance of leadership, autonomy, and effective communication in the military and beyond. Our guest, Marc Wicks, shares insights from his extensive experience in the Royal Marines and NATO. Marc highlights the significance of understanding the context and situation of individuals, fostering adaptability and growth mindset, and debunking the myth of military command and control.
Ep 14 - Building Grit and Courage Through Coaching
Vinny Wagjiani is a detective inspector with Kent Police, and professional coach, to discuss the importance of resilience in coaching during challenging times. Vinny shares his diverse background and experience in operational policing, as well as his involvement in charity endeavours. Tune in also as Trayton and Vinny reflect on the importance of grit and courage, as well as how to introduce elements of co-regulation at an early age.
Ep 13 - The Importance of Leadership Engagement
Luke Fisher is the founder and CEO of Mo, an online toolkit for connecting and motivating teams in the new world of work. In this week’s episode we explore how the Covid-19 pandemic has shaped the way we work. We also explore embracing new ways of leading remote and hybrid teams while also utilising tried and tested leadership values.
Ep 12 - Gen Z Special: Human-Centric Management
In the final part of our Gen Z Special, we speak with students Jordan and Jack from the University of Bath. They share the type of leadership they would like to see in the industries they’re training for, the importance of having opportunities for growth, and what coaching means to them. Join us as we explore the future of leadership.
Ep 11 - Gen Z Special Part Two: The Future of Female Leadership
Continuing our discussion with students from the University of Bath, we are joined by Sabrine Omer and Shannon Hall. We'll discuss key findings from their research, the impact of the gender pay gap, building an inclusive environment, and their hopes and dreams for when they join the world of work.
Ep 10 - Gen Z Special Part One: Followers versus Leaders
Join us as we speak with two students from the University of Bath, Anna and Ben, who have done a literary review on whether good followership leads to good leadership. We'll delve into the role of group identity, the power of conversation, overcoming the traditional stereotypes of a leader, and what they hope to see in the future from their research.
Ep 9 - Leading People not managing Human Resources
Nick Day, founder of JGA recruitment, discusses the impact of crises and how human resources is becoming an outdated term. In a world of evolving AI technology, Nick prioritises the human element. We'll explore how to make genuine connections with the people we work with to create more impact in all areas.
Ep 8 - Leadership and Eldership
How can we find meaning in our lives as coaches? Trevor Waldock, author, founder, and leader, joins us to shine a light on finding genuine meaning in life and how we can show up in the workspace more authentically. We'll discuss eldership and how we can benefit society at large through inclusive leadership.
Ep 7 - Leadership Presence
Join Trayton and Maureen Sumner-Smith as they explore leadership presence. We discuss how to get to know our team members on a personal level and how organisational culture impacts interpersonal working relationships. Learn how to bring your authentic self to work.
Ep 6 - Resilient and Sustainable Leadership
Catherine Roe, Chief Executive of Elior, joins Trayton to delve into the personal and workplace challenges that came along with the Covid-19 pandemic. We explore the importance of self-care and work/life balance, how to instil confidence in our teams, and practical steps towards a more open and inclusive workplace.
Ep 5 - Practising Compassionate Leadership
Explore compassionate leadership with Debbie Sweet, Vice President of Nature Journals, Springer Nature Group. We discuss what it means to embrace constant growth in leadership, how to be authentic, how to let people know that you really care, and how to see situations from other points of view.
Ep 4 - International Womens Day Special - Looking Ahead
In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023, Trayton speaks with four women at various career stages. We delve into equality in the digital world, the importance of coaching conversations throughout your career, the role of confidence, and system change.
Ep 3 (Part 2) - How wellbeing is evolving in the coaching environment
Continuing our conversation with Craig Fearn, we delve into the influence of wellbeing in the workforce, creating long-term sustainable offerings for employees, and advice for HR professionals on getting buy-in from the top.
Ep 3 (Part 1) - How wellbeing is evolving in the coaching environment
Explore wellbeing evolution in the coaching environment with Craig Fearn, a sustainable wellbeing expert. Craig shares personal experiences of mental health and how it shaped his coaching approach. We discuss creating safe environments for vulnerability expression.
Ep 2 - Coaching for a Better Tomorrow
This episode delves into our purpose: coaching for a better tomorrow. Explore how coaching impacts a performance culture and facilitates learning, development, and performance. Trayton discusses the positive impact of coaching on the whole organisation.
Ep 1 - Join Trayton Vance for Coaching Focus Podcast - Introduction
Welcome to the Coaching Focus Podcast with Trayton Vance. We're exploring executive coaching and high-performance leadership. Hear from world-leading executives with personal experiences and lessons. Our mission is 'Coaching for a better tomorrow', understanding the positive impact of coaching on individuals, teams, and organisations.