Development Programme

Our Women in Leadership Programme is not just another course; it's a unique journey crafted by women who have also walked the path to leadership.
Drawing from their invaluable lived experiences, we've designed this programme to empower you, help you uncover your strengths, define your goals, and boost your confidence.

Our masterclasses unlock a wealth of knowledge on various topics that can truly make a difference. Our dedicated Women in Leadership coaches will help you transform insights into actionable strategies.


Unlock your potential with our dynamic 2-hour masterclasses, each addressing crucial personal and professional growth topics.
Whether seeking purpose, battling self-doubt, mastering stakeholder management, or achieving work-life balance, our masterclasses offer tailored solutions.

These interactive sessions provide actionable insights and encourage self-reflection.

You'll gain valuable perspectives to discuss confidentially with your dedicated Women in Leadership coach during your individual 121 coaching sessions.

121 Coaching

Central to our Women in Leadership programme is the invaluable 121 time you'll spend with your dedicated Women in Leadership coach.
This safe and confidential space is where your qualified and experienced coach, who has personally encountered similar challenges you face, will help you weave together your insights and learning, making them directly relevant to you and your journey.

In each session, you'll emerge with newfound clarity, inspiration, and the empowerment needed to take decisive action toward your leadership and career goals.