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Endless Networking: Connect with fellow alumni, building lasting relationships that propel your journey as an outstanding workplace coach and leader.
Exclusive Content: Access tailored resources and early insight into upcoming webinars to enhance your coaching and leadership skills.
Peer Support: Share achievements, seek advice and offer support in a nurturing environment among like-minded professionals.
Stay Updated: Be the first to know about upcoming events, courses, and exciting opportunities for professional growth.
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Resources for Our Alumni

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Learning Hub – complimentary access

Get unlimited access to our Learning Hub. This online platform lets you reinforce previous learning and refresh your knowledge. It's user-friendly for all.
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Early insight into our Webinars

Get early info about our webinars and influence the content. Share your areas of need, so we can tailor the webinars to your learning needs.
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WhatsApp Community

Join our WhatsApp Community to discuss workplace and leadership topics with coaching advocates and familiar faces. It's a place to support and network.