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The Lionesses' Triumph: A Blueprint for Organisational Coaching and Teamwork

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April 25, 2024
CEO, Founder & Executive Coach
The article highlights the exceptional coaching of Sarina Wiegman, who has created a cohesive team that leverages the unique talents of each player. It emphasises the importance of holding a bold vision and fostering a sense of team possibility to drive success.

The Lionesses' Historic Victory in Euro 2022

The English women’s football team, the Lionesses, delivered an exceptional performance in the Euro 2022 tournament, culminating in a dramatic victory over Germany in the final. This marked their first time winning the trophy, a feat witnessed by over 87,000 spectators and over 17 million television viewers. The Euro 2022 Final has now become the most watched women’s game of all time, surpassing even the most viewed men’s Premier League game. This victory has not only brought immense pride and joy to the country and its fans but has also forever changed the face of football.

The Team Behind the Triumph

This incredible achievement is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and perseverance of all the players in the team. Head Coach, Sarina Wiegman, has been instrumental in molding an outstanding, world-beating team. As quoted in the Daily Mail, FA Head of Women's Football, Baroness Sue Campbell, praised Wiegman's ability to foster unity within the team. FA Chief Executive Mark Bullingham also expressed his admiration for Wiegman, acknowledging that her brilliant results came earlier than anyone could have hoped.

Lessons from the Pitch: Applying Football Strategies to Organisational Coaching

There are key themes from the Lionesses' journey that are applicable to organisational coaching and teamwork. Wiegman's ability to harness the unique abilities of each player to create a synergistic team is a model for effective team coaching. Her unwavering belief in the team's potential to win the tournament instilled a similar conviction in the players, demonstrating the power of a shared vision in achieving success.

The Role of Action, Learning, and Acknowledgement in Team Success

The process of transforming aspirations into reality involves taking action, receiving feedback, learning, and constant practice to improve performance. This may sometimes be challenging, but within the context of a bold shared vision, the team becomes a cohesive unit that supports and nurtures everyone to be their best. The team evolves into a high-performance learning process with commitment, energy, fun, and comradeship at its core. This is the essence of effective teamwork that all organisations should strive to emulate.

The Impact of Effective Leadership on Team Performance

While not all managers can be Sarina Wiegman, they can emulate her approach to building team relationships, fostering a powerful vision for team success, and creating an environment conducive to team action, learning, and recognition. Wiegman's leadership has not only led the Lionesses to win Euro 2022 but has also created a new possibility for the game of football that will shape the lives and aspirations of future generations of players.

The Future of Team Management: Empowerment, Inclusion, and Performance

The Lionesses' victory has implications beyond the football field. It serves as a reminder for managers to strive for a more empowering, inclusive approach to team management, with energy, fun, and performance at its heart. The next generation of team players in all organisations will expect no less. By emulating the Lionesses' journey, managers can play their part in changing the 'management game' for the better.