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Coaching Focus - New Virtual Masterclass Series

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April 25, 2024
CEO, Founder & Executive Coach
Empower your leaders and coaches with essential skills to navigate COVID-19 challenges and transformation. Discover virtual masterclasses to support teams and foster resilience. Practical courses for the "new normal" workplace.

New Virtual Masterclasses – designed to help your coaches support your people through COVID and organizational transformation

Your leaders and their teams are facing challenges in the COVID-19 workplace. Help your people overcome the challenges and thrive by supporting your internal coaches and managers with the tools to prepare their people for the ‘new normal’ or with transition coaching.

These virtual masterclasses are easy to access, and designed to give coaches and leaders easy to implement tools and strategies.

Coaching For Wellbeing Masterclass

Explore and adopt the coaching skills that can help coaches and leaders spot the signs and support individuals with physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing issues.

With advanced coach developer, Valerie Stevenson.

Coaching to Increase Resilience Masterclass

Coaching skills to help leaders support individuals in coping with COVID-19 and other life changes, such as home working.

With Learning Performance Institute fellow, Linda LaBrooy.

About Coaching Focus Masterclasses

These Coaching Focus Masterclasses are aimed at qualified and practicing coaches or leaders who need the skills to help their teams embrace, adapt, and meet the needs of the changing workplace – especially in light of Coronavirus. Delivered by our expert coaches, they are short, practical courses that give people the tools to make a positive difference to people and their performance.

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