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ILM Coaching Qualifications

Do you want to develop your coaching skills and gain a recognised qualification as recognition? Then you have come to the right place.

Our coaching qualification portfolio provides you with a range of choices. Whether you are an HR Professional looking for an advanced level or a leader wanting to build coaching competence, we have the solution.

ILM Level 3 Award in Effective Coaching

Designed explicitly for leaders wanting to enhance their coaching skills.
This programme provides leaders with the skillset and shift in mindset to coach effectively. For those who wish, there is an option to go on and formalise their skills with a qualification.
Level 3 Qualification requirements
Level 3 Programme Fees
Full Qualification Option- £1,895 + VAT + £115 ILM registration per person

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

Our Level 5 Coaching Qualification is ideal for leaders looking to advance their expertise and deepen their understanding of coaching and mentoring methodologies.
This qualification is designed to take your coaching skills to the next level and provide you with the tools to coach individuals professionally within the workplace.
ILM Level 5 Qualification Requirements
Level 5 Programme Fees
Full Qualification Option - £2,295 + VAT + £175 ILM registration per person

ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Our Level 7 Coaching Qualification is the flagship credential in our coaching lineup.

Designed specifically for senior leaders, L&D and HR professionals, this programme offers an opportunity to acquire the highest level of coaching expertise and knowledge.
By enrolling on the Level 7 Coaching Qualification, you delve into the complexities of psychological principles. Furthermore, you will gain profound insights into coaching at both the strategic and organisational levels.
ILM Level 7 Qualification Requirements
Level 7 Programme Fees
Full Qualification Option - £2,995 + VAT + £235 ILM registration per person

Real people, real results.

Hear about the positive impact of our ILM programme from your peers.

 Adele Bradley

“Extremely Beneficial”

The ILM qualification programme through Coaching focus was extremely beneficial and has allowed me the opportunity to reflect upon myself and my organisation on how I can adapt my approach to get the best out of my abilities and how my organisation can benefit from a coaching culture.  All the tutors have helped me develop ways to deal with situations using thought provoking questions, my own knowledge and self-awareness. It’s been a great process and one which has challenged me to become a better leader for myself and my team. Through doing this qualification, I have gone onto influence and create a coaching culture within my organisation. Thanks, Coaching Focus!

Adele Bradley - Level 7
Organisational Development Manager - Veolia
Charlotte Cavan-Atak

“I thoroughly enjoyed [it]”

I thoroughly enjoyed the ILM Coaching and Mentoring in the Workplace qualification offered by Coaching Focus. The course materials and interactive sessions were thorough, full of practical tools and real life insight. Being ‘forced’ to put my new skills into practice was an essential part of the course and my learning. Since completing the course I have been able to continue coaching, making a positive difference to other people’s lives, which is the part of my job that brings me the most fulfilment. It has also helped me to reflect more on my own approach to work and life, and given me a fresh approach to parenting four teenagers which is an excellent bonus!

Charlotte Caven-Atack - Level 5
Service Manager Rushcliffe - Borough Council
Mark Payne

“thought provoking and enjoyable”

The Coaching Focus Group’s ILM programme has really helped me become a confident coach and leader. The team carefully guided and supported me through the learning materials which enabled me to achieve a great result. The experience from start to finish was engaging, thought provoking and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Mark Payne
Business and Finance Lead - Dorset Council
Jack Wiltshire

“positive impact...on the business”

I enjoyed the training for the ILM course and found that the tutor was able to quickly nurture a group of novices to a point where we were confident to hold hour long coaching conversations. Since qualifying I’ve brought Coaching into my workplace by using coaching techniques in the way that I manage my team. I’ve also formally coached colleagues within the wider organisation. The formal coaching has been particularly rewarding as I’ve been able to witness people grow and the positive impact it’s had on the business.

Jack Wiltshire
Head of Highways -Dorset Council
Vinny Wagjiani

“Coaching was a beacon of light in the dark”

In 2016, I was at a crossroads in my life, both professionally and personally. Coaching was a beacon of light in the dark, providing focus to chaos and emptiness. After I realised how powerful coaching was, I asked my organisation to get trained. Then, I was enrolled in a coaching program by Coaching Focus! This was a defining moment in my life's choices, and the relationship between Coaching Focus and I grew stronger as we worked through the modules to cover two key parts: getting you prepared to cover the academic part of the training, and making you a great coach. I've been coaching for a few years, and I'm still learning new things all the time. It's given me the confidence to help grow others and leave them with a lasting impression about coaching that Coaching Focus injects into their learners

Vinny Wagjiani
Detective Inspector - Kent Police
Neil Vine

“If you're committed to in-depth study and practice...I highly recommend Coaching Focus.”

Since 2016, I've coached with Fidessa (now ION Group) using the GROW model. In 2021, I joined the Coaching Focus “Manager as Coach” programme and later the “ILM 5 qualification” programme. The hands-on practice and feedback were invaluable. The training equipped me to offer top-notch executive coaching programmes... I'm on track to earn the ILM qualification after 16 months. If you're committed to in-depth study and practice, I highly recommend Coaching Focus. They've also supported the ION Group in training managers using the LEAP model. I endorse Coaching Focus for introducing coaching skills to any organisation.

Neil Vine
Senior Software Developer – ION Group

Each Qualification Programme consists of the following elements.

Pre-Programme Call
Skills Workshops
Individual Support
Online Resources
Mid Programme Call
Post Programme Call
Group Learning Sets
Coaching Community
a collage of people from many backgrounds. They are all happy and connected by lines

Open Programme Fees 2023

Level 3

Workshops Only Option - £xxx per person
£1,895 + vat + £115 ILM registration per person

Level 5

Workshops Only Option - £xxx per person
£2,295 + vat + £175 ILM registration per person

Level 7

Workshops Only Option - £xxx per person
£2,995 + vat + £235 ILM registration per person

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