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Tesco, a global retail powerhouse, serves millions of customers in-store and online. Committed to "serving Britain's shoppers better every day," they cater to all. With 500,000+ staff, Tesco focuses on nurturing their people and unlocking potential.

“It’s allowed us to do exactly what we need to do”
Gill Chapman
Head of Group Capability

At a Glance

Scattered coaching management led to murky transparency and no method for gauging coaching outcomes.
Enter Coaching Focus' Mye-Coach system!
With 37 coaches onboard, we enhanced management, grasped staff needs, and spotted coaching gaps. Tesco's now set to take this system global!

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A closer look at how help

Disorganised coaching caused blurred views, co-dependencies, and lost results.

Tesco aimed to support their staff with skilled coaches for those needing extra guidance. However, a scattered approach to managing the coaching programme made this tough. Separate budgets, no coach monitoring, and no success evaluation led to unchecked long-term coaching relationships and unsatisfactory results.

As Tesco's Head of Group Capability, Gill Chapman, put it, costs soared and credibility plummeted: "We couldn't see what difference coaching made or identify common themes to guide leadership development."

The coaches' quality came into question, so Tesco sought to simplify their coaching provision. The plan was to review suppliers, unite coaches on a single platform, and closely monitor coaching support to provide a more effective service to Tesco staff.

3 people in a meeting room sitting at a table
5 people of various backgrounds sitting looking at a laptop on the table

Coaching Focus swoops in to centralise Tesco's systems and tackle their coaching needs

Tesco sought an external solution after struggling with internal attempts. Enter Coaching Focus: the provider with the perfect blend of centralised management, flexibility to work with existing coaches, and access to experienced additions. Plus, they knew good coaching when they saw it! Tesco also wanted a system that was accessible and self-serving for staff, avoiding an HR-controlled fortress.

Enter Mye-coach: Coaching Focus's online management system offering coach administration, request processing, a consistent approach, and transparent coaching interventions with measurable ROI. Beyond the system, Tesco also valued the consulting and continued support from Trayton and his team in setting up the Hub and overcoming challenges.