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Royal Mail

The Royal Mail Group, UK’s leading delivery company, delivers letters and parcels to 29 million addresses, six days a week. With a 502-year history, 142,000 employees in the UK and another 20,000 employees globally, the Royal Mail Group serves a wide range of customers, from domestic to commercial clients, as well as large-scale businesses, distributors, and manufacturers.

“Coaching Focus has provided us with a very practical, focused training programme that has already led to improvements both in customer relations and internal communication."
Dr Shaun Davis
Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability

At a Glance

The need for a shift to “softer skills” to improve performance.
A bespoke training programme by Coaching Focus.
Improvements in customer relations and internal communication.

Dive Deeper

A closer look at how help

A closer look at how we helped

The Royal Mail Group recognised the potential benefits of coaching training to up-skill their team and unlock performance improvement. Coaching Focus worked hand-in-hand with the Royal Mail Group to design a tailor-made skills training programme. The training was delivered in three phases, starting with workshops for the SHE Team, followed by a practical learning component, and finally a reflection phase to identify areas of improvement.

people in a coaching session
3 people in a coaching session sitting around a table

How Coaching Focus Group swoops in to tackle Royal Mail Group's needs

Coaching Focus Group provided a solution that was not just about imparting knowledge, but also about creating a diverse and supportive learning environment. The program was designed to challenge and support the participants, leading to personal and professional growth.

The bespoke product helps Royal Mail Group refine their coaching practice

The bespoke product provided by Coaching Focus was very practical, focused on giving the staff tools they can use, and providing the opportunity to practice in various scenarios. This has led to improvements both in customer relations and internal communication.

2 people in a one to one coaching session