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Royal College of Nursing

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is the world’s largest nursing union and professional body, representing more than 435,000 nurses, student nurses, midwives, and health care assistants in the UK and internationally. With a staff of 900 people across the UK, the RCN is committed to providing a quality service for its members and being an effective, and efficient organisation that attracts and retains high-quality staff.

“Trayton had an ability to understand our organisation, what our needs were, whilst recognising the existing structure and internal coaches, he tailored his approach to meet our need and share his professionalism with the workforce.”
Amisha Wilde
Learning and Organisational Development Manager

At a Glance

A lack of management development led to inconsistent and ineffective appraisal techniques.
Coaching Focus delivered a tailored coach skills development programme for managers.
Training 70 managers in coaching techniques improved the quality of conversations between employees and managers, leading to higher staff engagement.

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A closer look at how help

A closer look at how we helped

In 2007, the RCN did not have a competency framework nor a management development programme in place, therefore managers were ill-equipped to manage effectively. There was inconsistency in how staff were dealt with across the organisation and a gap in management development had not been addressed. To develop the competence and confidence of managers, the RCN started to train internal coaches who worked with the managers encouraging them to evolve a coaching manner.

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How Coaching Focus Group swoops in to tackle RCN's needs

Coaching Focus understood the needs of the organisation and tailored a coaching skills development programme to achieve the results the RCN were seeking. Throughout 2018, Coaching Focus delivered 10 regional workshops to one-third of the RCN managers, thus allowing them to create this coaching style, and feel confident when speaking with their staff.

The ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring helped RCN track the number of relationships that are in place at any one time. They were able to continue to improve the quality of the executive coaching that takes place at the company.

The RCN now has their fully-trained team of internal coaches, and it has erased the need to outsource coaching services, completely. Over 70 managers are now being coached by the team. The cost-benefits for the RCN that result from the coaching training are expected via a flow-on effect. Improvements in relationships will produce better performance, thus leading to reductions in accidents, incidents, and claims.