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QinetiQ, a global R&D leader in defence and security, serves primarily Ministry’s of Defence and non-MOD customers. With 6,000 staff in 85 offices worldwide, they offer world-class expertise and innovative solutions.

"From my perspective, we go to the best, and Coaching Focus is one of them."
Corinne Jeffery
Lead for Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Development

At a Glance

Lacking a way to measure the value of coaching and mentoring, QinetiQ needed support in demonstrating the positive impact it was having on the organisation.
Coaching Focus Group provided their customisable coaching management tool Mye-coach, paired with bespoke coaching development options.
The implementation of Mye-coach and a CPD program created especially for QinetiQ’s needs has produced excellent results.

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A closer look at how help

A closer look at how we helped

QinetiQ is a company that invests in its people, believing its employees are key to its success. They created the QinetiQ Academy, a focal point for all staff training and leadership development. However, they needed a way of easily and efficiently tracking the value of coaching and mentoring within the organisation. Coaching Focus’ customisable coaching management tool Mye-coach, paired with the bespoke coaching development options available, was the perfect solution for QinetiQ’s needs.

3 people of varying adult ages sitting having a meeting
4 people sitting at a table having a coaching meeting

How Coaching Focus Group swoops in to tackle QinetiQ's needs

Coaching Focus Group provided a solution that was not just about imparting knowledge, but also about creating a diverse and supportive learning environment. The programme was designed to challenge and support the participants, leading to personal and professional growth.

The Mye-coach helps QinetiQ refine their coaching practice

The Mye-coach helped QinetiQ track the number of relationships that are in place at any one time. Within Mye-coach, QinetiQ currently has 11 internal coaches, and a broader coaching community of developing coaches and mentors. The CPD provided to QinetiQ by Coaching Focus has focused on training internal coaches to become team coaches, as well as working on how to coach through organisational change.

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