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Dorset Council

Dorset County Council (DCC) is a mid-sized council serving the rural county of Dorset and its population of just under half a million. DCC is responsible for various areas, such as infrastructure, roads and statutory children’s care and a central commitment to helping residents be safe, healthy and independent, with an economy that is prosperous. DCC employs over 4000 staff across the county in a range of roles, including social workers, architects as well as support staff in finance and ICT roles.

“After just two sessions I feel empowered and optimistic”
Amanda Grant
Senior Learning and Organisational Development Adviser

At a Glance

Austerity led to a restructure, necessitating a shift in work culture and management.
Mye-coach was deployed, registering 230 staff and 15 coaches, fostering an online coaching culture.
The coaching culture advanced, earning Dorset Council a CIPD finalist spot. Expansion plans aim to reach 500 users.

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A closer look at how help

A closer look at how we helped

Dorset County Council (DCC) faced the challenge of austerity measures leading to a restructure. This required a change in their traditional work culture and management systems. To address this, DCC decided to foster an online coaching culture using Mye-coach, which led to a change in their management style and way of working.

coach at front whilst coachees at the back
person in a coaching session

How Coaching Focus Group swoops in to tackle DCC's needs

Coaching Focus Group provided a solution that was not just about imparting knowledge, but also about creating a diverse and supportive learning environment. The program was designed to challenge and support the participants, leading to personal and professional growth.

The mye-coach helps DCC refine their coaching practice

The mye-coach helped DCC track the number of relationships that are in place at any one time. They were able to run reports; see how many coaching relationships they had at any one time; how many hours were being spent on coaching; log coaching interactions, as well as provide a forum for open discussion.

class of coachees