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BSI Group, the UK's national standards body, has about 3,500 global employees. They serve various companies, producing standards and providing certification services. After significant growth, BSI's managers and executives needed to be more innovative, responsible, and accountable.

“From my perspective, we go to the best, and Coaching Focus is one of them."
Helen Klarich
Head of People Development for EMEA

At a Glance

Managers and executives were required to be more innovative, responsible and accountable to help move through enormous growth and a lot of change.
A split-based Programme for both UK managers and executives. Including 3-day, Manager as Coach Programme and skills practice and 1-day, Coaching Fundamentals Programme.
Coaching culture shift across the organisation with an increase in confidence amongst delegates. BSI has trained 70% of their UK managers, as well as others in Dubai, the organisation will continue to develop coaching.

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A closer look at how help

A closer look at how we helped

BSI began working with Coaching Focus in 2016 and started with a split-based Programme for both UK managers and executives. Their executives carried out the 3-day, Manager as Coach Programme and skills practice. Their managers either carried out a 1-day, Coaching Fundamentals Programme or a 3-day, Manager as Coach Programme, depending on their prior experience with coaching.

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coaching session with 2 people

How Coaching Focus Group swoops in to tackle BSI's needs

Coaching Focus Group provided a solution that was not just about imparting knowledge, but also about creating a diverse and supportive learning environment. The program was designed to challenge and support the participants, leading to personal and professional growth.

The Coaching Programmes help BSI refine their leadership practice

The Coaching Programmes helped BSI equip their managers with real skills because they have modified their programme so delegates can only pass if they are able to demonstrate their skills to a qualified expert. BSI is confident that they have equipped their managers with real skills and they plan to move into the future with Coaching Focus.

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