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Broken Crayons Still Colour: A Testament to Resilience

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April 25, 2024
CEO, Founder & Executive Coach
3 min read
"Broken crayons still color" signifies resilience, showing setbacks don't diminish potential. Pain shapes and strengthens us, offering growth and new perspectives.

In the hands of a child, a box of crayons is a magical world of possibilities. A rainbow of colours waiting to be explored to create art, stories, and imaginations beyond the confines of the blank canvas.

But what happens when one of those crayons is broken? Does it lose its value or its ability to colour? Absolutely not.

Just as a broken crayon can still add vibrancy to a canvas, life's challenges and setbacks do not diminish your potential or worth.

The phrase "broken crayons still colour" is more than words; it is a testament to resilience, a metaphorical reminder that you can shine brightly even in your most challenging times.

The Fragility and Strength of the Human Spirit

In all its unpredictability, life often presents us with challenges that can leave us feeling broken, defeated, and lost. These moments, be they the result of personal failures, tragedies, health issues, or external circumstances, all shake the core of our being.

Yet, just as a crayon doesn't lose its hue when snapped in half, our fragile spirit retains its innate strength and ability to persevere. We possess a remarkable capacity to grow and even flourish amid adversity.

From Brokenness to Beauty

Consider the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, where broken pottery pieces are mended with gold, silver, or platinum. Instead of discarding the damaged items, this technique celebrates the cracks, emphasizing them as integral parts of the object's history. The result? A piece more beautiful and valuable than before, its scars a testament to its journey and resilience. Similarly, our experiences, even the painful ones, shape us and, in the process, often reveal strengths we didn't know we had. Our emotional or physical scars tell a story of endurance, hope, and regeneration.

Learning to Colour Outside the Lines

Often, when a crayon breaks, it gives us a chance to use it in ways we hadn't thought of before. The broken edge may allow for a different type of shading, or the smaller piece provides a means of more accessible detailing. Life's setbacks can similarly open avenues and perspectives we hadn't considered. When faced with adversity, we are pushed out of our comfort zones, often leading to innovation, growth, and new beginnings. Instead of sticking to the confines of our previously drawn lines, we learn to venture outside them, discovering new horizons and potential.

The Power of Perspective

While a child might mourn the breakage of their favourite crayon, they soon realise that its ability to colour remains undiminished. Our perception of brokenness, too, is often rooted in societal norms and expectations. Society often equates success with a linear, unbroken path. However, real life seldom adheres to such neat trajectories. Embracing the philosophy that "broken crayons still colour" allows us to shift our perspective, viewing challenges not as dead ends but as detours, leading us to possibly even more beautiful destinations.

The Colours of Community

Broken crayons not only teach us about personal resilience but also about the power of community. Just as multiple crayons come together to complete a picture, our connections and shared experiences with others can be a source of strength and growth. When we share our stories of adversity, we provide solace, inspiration, and hope to others navigating similar paths. In doing so, we collectively create a vibrant tapestry of human experience, rich in its hues of pain, joy, despair, and triumph.

In Conclusion

"Broken crayons still colour" is more than just a saying—it's a celebration of the indomitable human spirit, a reminder that your worth is not defined by your cracks but by your ability to create beauty despite them. As you navigate the ebb and flow of life, remember that your challenges do not diminish your potential. Instead, like the broken crayon, you can continue to colour the world uniquely and elegantly, turning adversities into art and painting the next stage of your journey with resilience and hope.