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Sarah Wissing

Management coach


Sarah Wissing

Sarah is an experienced Career Coach and works with a range of individuals, including medical doctors, postgraduate business students, academics, consultants, and those at different stages of their career from starting out to career changes.

Due to her own dyslexia, Sarah is passionate about the skills and differences neurodivergent individuals have to offer and works with them to identify and use their strengths to progress in their careers. Her MSc research project was on dyslexia in the workplace.

Originally studying a BA in English and French, Sarah went on to do an MA in English Literature. Sarah started working in HR and is CIPD qualified in Human Resources Management. The part of the job she enjoyed most was helping people develop their careers so she decided to retrain as a Career Coach and has obtained an MSc in Career Management and Coaching. She is also a Coaching Supervisor.

Coaching Style and Expertise

Coaching with Sarah can provide you with the opportunity to explore career and work issues in a non-judgemental confidential space. There are several approaches and Sarah takes a person-centred approach rather than an advisory stance. Therefore, Sarah won’t be giving you advice but will allow you to identify and explore your career options, identifying blocks that might be stopping you from moving forward and setting goals.

She also helps individuals with:

- Qualifications

- Improved self-awareness, self-knowledge & confidence

- Improved career decision-making and career transitions

- Improved relationships and communication at work

- Better work/life balance


  • MSc in Career Management and Coaching from Birkbeck, UoL
  • Completing PGCert in Coaching Supervision from Barefoot Coaching and University of Chester
  • CiPD Diploma in HR Management


I had a productive supervision session with Sarah, who had a very calm approach. She continued to gently prod me to reflect throughout our session, helping me to consider matters outside those I'd initially gone in to discuss. This made for a very useful session and I went away with both some practical tips to implement at future coaching sessions, as well as some self-reflection. The latter included considering my affinity towards a client e.g. whether I see reflection of myself/ my situation and what impact this might have on our coaching relationship. Sarah also helped me to consider how I might manage any emotions I might be left with at the end of a coaching session and the benefits of reflection after a session.’

‘My supervision sessions with Sarah have been an excellent resource for me. Sarah's calm, thoughtful, insightful and reflective manner together with her ability to be fully present and mindful in our sessions, even when meeting remotely, helped create a space for truly powerful and transformational work".

“Nick Cowley was my Executive Coach at a very critical time in my career. He was fundamental inhelping me navigate some major decisions and gave me the tools and insight I needed toachieve my goals. I often quote some of the tips he gave me as they still resonate today.”
Founder and CEO  
"Katie has both coached and mentored me and I always found her to be extremely professional and supportive. Her mentoring competence in networking and business development is outstanding and incredibly motivating. Thank you, Katie".
Board executive
Kim’s insightful solution-focused coaching empowers you to confidently strive and achieve far beyond the original bar you set yourself’
Senior executive (Aviation industry)
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