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Nicky Frobisher

Management coach


Nicky Frobisher

Working in the IT sector helped Nicky to realise that her strengths lay in translating between the two worlds of expert developer and expert user. The listening, questioning, and communication skills that were critical for this have become the foundation for her coaching career.

Having designed and delivered leadership training for many years, whilst also being an active community leader, Nicky has a strong understanding of the many models, principles, and methodologies that deliver powerful outcomes. Combining this knowledge with her coaching skills, Nicky can facilitate lasting, deep-rooted change.

Coaching Style and Expertise

Nicky specialises in supporting leaders who are doubting their abilities and decisions, overwhelmed by their perfectionism, or stuck in a cycle of procrastination. Her values of curiosity, compassion, and courage underpin her coaching style; listening to understand, empathising with purpose, and challenging the status quo to find a path forward.

Nicky helps to remove limiting beliefs and conquer imposter syndrome, enabling people to lead with confidence.


- Nicky has a Degree in Mathematics and had an early career in IT, working for IBM, Procter & Gamble, SG Warburg, and Chase Manhattan Bank.

- Brief International Level 3 Coaching Certificate, Solution-Focused Practice

- City and Guilds Level 4, Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector

- ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching and Mentoring

- Nicky has worked as a Coach and Trainer for 15 years, clients include Deloitte Italy, Morrison

- Utility Services, SSCL, NHS SBS, Network Rail, and Sopra Steria.


I enjoyed this session. Nicky asks a lot of questions, which provokes me to think about my professional goals and motivates me to work on specific objectives. I now much better understand what I need, what managerial skills I would like to develop, and how to take care of the team I manage. “

“Above all, the act of talking these issues through has given me much more confidence about my own ability and made it easier to manage my workload without feeling overwhelmed. I do like the style of questioning in the sessions too, where I am asked to think about solutions that will work for me.”

“Nick Cowley was my Executive Coach at a very critical time in my career. He was fundamental inhelping me navigate some major decisions and gave me the tools and insight I needed toachieve my goals. I often quote some of the tips he gave me as they still resonate today.”
Founder and CEO  
"Katie has both coached and mentored me and I always found her to be extremely professional and supportive. Her mentoring competence in networking and business development is outstanding and incredibly motivating. Thank you, Katie".
Board executive
Kim’s insightful solution-focused coaching empowers you to confidently strive and achieve far beyond the original bar you set yourself’
Senior executive (Aviation industry)
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