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Maureen Sumner Smith

Executive coach


Maureen Sumner Smith

Maureen Sumner Smith has 40 years of international commercial experience working with Global Corporations including Rentokil, Syngenta & and BSI Group. She attained a number of C-suite positions where she was able to use her natural coaching style of leadership to nurture and grow her teams to attain remarkable results. This success was achieved not only in terms of revenue & and profit growth but also in employee and client satisfaction. She recently stepped back from corporate life to focus on sharing her leadership and life experience to help others to ‘show up’ as the best version of themselves. Her real-life experience of team development, organisational change, and delivery of profitable business growth has been obtained within multiple international markets.

Coaching Style and Expertise

Maureen’s coaching style comes from her naturally empathetic personality. She is a careful listener who is authentic and honest: She believes in ‘walking the talk’ and being ‘firm but kind’. Her experience has shown her that anyone can learn and develop - but only if they come from a position of being open and wanting to change. If this desire exists, then Maureen’s energetic and passionate approach, combined with her open, supportive & encouraging style will drive remarkable insights and results. Maureen never settles for the status quo: Her passion to support the people she coaches comes from a genuine desire to develop people to be better at what they do.

In her career, Maureen has focused on people development, genuine authentic leadership, handling difficult conversations and helping people work better with colleagues at all levels


- 40 years in Global plc’s - Rentokil, ICI, Zeneca, Syngenta & BSI Group

- Responsible for multiple markets within Europe, Middle East & Africa

- Business & Commercial Strategy/ Global Product & Service Portfolios /Marketing/P &

- L’s/Talent Development/Leadership & Team Development

- Global Commercial roles including Managing Directorships, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief

- Commercial Officer & Chief Operating Officer

- Degrees: BA Hons Geography, Sussex University; Masters in Marketing, Chartered Institute of Marketing

- ILM Level 7 Certificate in Coaching (ILM) in progress (2022/23/24)

- ‘Leading Change’ with Peter Killing

- ‘Woman Leaders’ - Winner in Business Services

- Global ‘Client Centricity Award’ - BSI Group - Responsible for a Client centricity programme

- within the UK which was rolled out Globally

- ‘Country of the Year’ Award - UK Managing Director - BSI Group


‘Maureen asked very thought-provoking questions which helped me focus my mind. She really listened to what I had to say, which helped me feel at ease and able to communicate better. Her coaching has had a marked positive impact on me both professionally and personally. She made a real difference to me, I really feel like I am a different person now’ Senior Solicitor

‘Your drive, energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and pragmatism stands you out from the rest. Combine this with your leadership, encouragement & drive to ensure others can develop to be better at what they do. Coaching has always been your USP’ Group HR director

“Nick Cowley was my Executive Coach at a very critical time in my career. He was fundamental inhelping me navigate some major decisions and gave me the tools and insight I needed toachieve my goals. I often quote some of the tips he gave me as they still resonate today.”
Founder and CEO  
"Katie has both coached and mentored me and I always found her to be extremely professional and supportive. Her mentoring competence in networking and business development is outstanding and incredibly motivating. Thank you, Katie".
Board executive
Kim’s insightful solution-focused coaching empowers you to confidently strive and achieve far beyond the original bar you set yourself’
Senior executive (Aviation industry)
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