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Kim Pettigrew

Executive and management coach


Kim Pettigrew

Kim brings to her coaching clients the value of her real-world experience of leading at a senior level within global, customer focussed organisations. Her clients include executives, board members, and emerging leaders across a wide range of functions including, Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, and HR. Kim has been a member of several senior leadership teams at British Airways including the BA Executive Board. As well as her executive role she also made a key contribution as an internal coach. She has had a broad range of clients across many sectors including, healthcare, charities, publishing, and service industries.

Coaching Style and Expertise

Kim passionately believes that coaching plays a vital role in supporting clients to fulfill their potential, particularly during times of transition and challenge in their careers. She coaches individuals to develop an authentic leadership style, enabling them to bring their whole selves to work. She coaches teams to work effectively together, overcoming barriers and aligning business targets across silos. She supports organisations to optimise the effectiveness of their leaders. She creates time and space for clients to think strategically and draws on her leadership experience and a variety of coaching techniques to help clients build confidence and develop practical actions from her coaching sessions.


Kim has global strategic and operational experience with complex consumer businesses operating in a highly volatile, regulated environment. She has a broad-ranging career including responsibility for large-scale IT resource management, Customer Services, and HR. She has held senior executive roles in HR and General Management. She has worked at British Airways for much of her career and has also worked at Coca-Cola and within the NHS. At BA Kim was part of an internal coaching team coaching high-potential middle and senior executives, executives new to the organisation, and newly promoted directors as well as team coaching with senior leadership teams. Kim now has her own Consultancy and Executive Coaching business and coaches senior business leaders in a range of SMEs, Charities, and large organisations.

- BA (Hons) in History from London University

- MBA from Lancaster University

- Postgraduate diploma in HRM

- Graduate of the Advanced OD program at Columbia Management School.

- ILM Level 3 Coach.

-Broad experience working with psychometric profiles.


‘Kim has coached me through some complex people issues, she is pragmatic and understands the commerciality of the issues. She makes complicated situations much more straightforward by asking all the right questions and suggesting an alternative lens to view the problem. As a leader you do not always know the answer but with the support of someone like Kim to provide the support and challenge it is possible to find solutions and to execute the process in the right way for the individual and the company.’ Chair of a Charity Trust

‘ the most beneficial discussions we have had concern how I can take the skills I have acquired in a career in broadcast television and transfer those to the charity sector. Kim’s coaching has definitely helped me understand what my transferable skills are and I am looking forward to applying those when I return to employment. In practical terms, Kim was always friendly and reliable, always listened patiently and was supportive throughout the process. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.’ ex TV Executive

“Nick Cowley was my Executive Coach at a very critical time in my career. He was fundamental inhelping me navigate some major decisions and gave me the tools and insight I needed toachieve my goals. I often quote some of the tips he gave me as they still resonate today.”
Founder and CEO  
"Katie has both coached and mentored me and I always found her to be extremely professional and supportive. Her mentoring competence in networking and business development is outstanding and incredibly motivating. Thank you, Katie".
Board executive
Kim’s insightful solution-focused coaching empowers you to confidently strive and achieve far beyond the original bar you set yourself’
Senior executive (Aviation industry)
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