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Danielle Boxer

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Danielle Boxer

Danielle is a dedicated Leadership Coach focused on empowering women in the workplace. Specialising in supporting women leaders to embrace their power, define their authentic leadership brand, find their voice, and lead with purpose, clarity, and confidence. Danielle brings a blend of coaching expertise and over 15 years of corporate experience with the UK’s top retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Argos. Her first-hand knowledge of navigating corporate challenges, building high-performing teams, and forging successful career paths positions her as a valuable guide for professional growth.

Coaching Style and Expertise

Grounded in authenticity and growth, Danielle's coaching philosophy revolves around co-creation, recognising the uniqueness of each individual. With a 360-degree approach to professional and personal coaching, she addresses both life and career challenges, understanding their interconnected nature. Danielle helps clients overcome mindset obstacles, offering empathic support while challenging thinking to identify roadblocks and gain clarity on the path forward. Danielle is dedicated to empowering women to thrive in leadership, cultivating their authentic brand and voice, and establishing a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives.


- Certified Life Coach with The Clique Coaching Academy.

- Manage the Women In Leadership Hub, an exclusive community of accomplished women leaders from the UK’s leading retailers, suppliers and brands. Providing group and 121 coaching, training and networking events.

- Over 15-years withing Commercial Corporate roles for companies such as Mothercare, Tesco, Sainsburys and Argos.

- 3-Years leading Learning & Development department at Tesco.


“Danielle is so friendly and really allows you to feel comfortable to share anything and everything. I would recommend her services if you're feeling a bit stuck and unsure about what to do. By the end of the session I had many different actionable steps to work through despite only chatting for an hour! Very worthwhile.”

“Danielle is amazing! She has really helped me move past my blocks and come up with new ideas and a different perspective! I really love her energy and business approach and I felt inspired and understood the whole time we were working together!”

"Danielle has been an amazing coach. She made me see the potential in myself that I’ve never been able to see before. She really helped me see my worth and in turn has shaped my decision to leave the corporate world to start my own business.”

“Nick Cowley was my Executive Coach at a very critical time in my career. He was fundamental inhelping me navigate some major decisions and gave me the tools and insight I needed toachieve my goals. I often quote some of the tips he gave me as they still resonate today.”
Founder and CEO  
"Katie has both coached and mentored me and I always found her to be extremely professional and supportive. Her mentoring competence in networking and business development is outstanding and incredibly motivating. Thank you, Katie".
Board executive
Kim’s insightful solution-focused coaching empowers you to confidently strive and achieve far beyond the original bar you set yourself’
Senior executive (Aviation industry)
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