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Bryony Rowntree


Bryony Rowntree

Bryony is a coach, trainer and Mental Health First Aid Instructor. Her  background is in education, safeguarding, healthcare and customer service. 

Bryony provides both personal and workplace coaching. She particularly works with women who are supporting and guiding others and are often wanting to work on confidence, overwhelm, and transitions, including returning to work. 

Coaching Style and Expertise

Bryony trained with the Co-Active Training Institute. Co-Active coaching is about the balance of ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and about the collaborative relationship in coaching for the forward action of the coachee. Bryony’s underlying focus is about people having a better relationship with themselves; impacting their health, wellbeing, capacity, relationships with others, their fulfilment and engagement with life and work and their trust in themselves.  Bryony works with individuals and teams to increase awareness, so that space is created for wiser choice, leading to more power, resilience and wellbeing. She has a warm manner and a gentle but firm  approach to challenge. 

Bryony has worked with entrepreneurs,  creatives, faith leaders, NHS staff, education professionals, project  leaders, women on maternity leave and managers.

Her coaching has been described as wise, playful, spacious, knowing and life-changing.Having worked with people through birth, life and death, Bryony does not shy away from topics or emotions. Her background in safeguarding and Mental Health supports her work in holding a safe and professional space for clients. She has provided team coaching for teams going through difficult situations and impacted relationships, as well as for flourishing teams that want to work together even better.


Bryony has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and Dance from the University of Surrey (2:1) and a Diploma in Antenatal Education. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and is an Associate Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

She is an approved Instructor with MHFA England, has completed the Foundation level of ORSC (Operations Relationships Systems Coaching) and is trained in the Art of Hosting.


"It was an absolute joy to work with Bryony. She took me to places I had never imagined: testing and challenging my beliefs about myself, building confidence and trust in my abilities. She helped me tackle life and work - and held me gently accountable when I needed it. Highly recommend.”

"I found her emotional intuition really disarming, she have a wonderful ability to listen not to the words people say but the meaning behind them. Many times, before a session I was consciously aware of a sort of ‘block’ in how I was feeling, never quite sure how I would get the most out of the session, but she has an amazing ability to just pop the invisible balloon and I always came out of the session feeling invigorated. I never felt once that anything I wanted to discuss was menial or petty, she took everything on with professional interest and helped guide me through aspects of my anxieties that I hadn’t even fully recognised myself.”