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ILM Coaching Qualification Levels: A Comparative Insight

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April 25, 2024
CEO, Founder & Executive Coach
3 min read
ILM offers coaching qualifications: Level 3 for basic skills, Level 5 for internal coaches, and Level 7 for senior leaders.


In the new world of work, a different leadership style is required. That leadership style is coaching, as explained here.

One way of developing these 'must have' skills is by undertaking an ILM coaching qualification. The various levels of qualifications are Levels 3, 5, and 7 - each is tailored to the diverse needs of aspiring Leaders and HR professionals.

ILM Level 3

Designed explicitly for leaders wanting to enhance their coaching skills.

This programme provides leaders with the skillset and shift in mindset to coach effectively.

ILM Level 5

Our Level 5 Coaching Qualification is ideal for leaders looking to advance their expertise and deepen their understanding of coaching and mentoring methodologies.

This qualification is designed to take your coaching skills to the next level and provide you with the tools to coach individuals professionally within the workplace.

ILM Level 7

Our Level 7 Coaching Qualification is the flagship credential in our coaching lineup.

Designed specifically for senior leaders, L&D and HR professionals, this programme offers an opportunity to acquire the highest level of coaching expertise and knowledge.

By enrolling on the Level 7 Coaching Qualification, you delve into the complexities of psychological principles. Furthermore, you will gain profound insights into coaching at both the strategic and organisational levels.


Choosing the right ILM coaching qualification level hinges on the individual’s current role, experience, and objective. Level 3 is ideal for leaders seeking foundational skills. Level 5 caters to those needing to develop competence as an internal coach, and Level 7 is tailored for senior management and HR professionals focused on strategic and executive leadership. Each level is a stepping stone, progressively building towards coaching mastery.

If you want to start your journey to coaching mastery, please feel free to reach out.