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Coaching Qualifications to enhance your leadership skills

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April 25, 2024
CEO, Founder & Executive Coach
Boost leadership with ILM coaching qualifications. Tailored programs at multiple levels (3, 5, 7) enhance performance and productivity. Unleash coaching's power to maximise talent, foster growth, achieve results. Explore our page for the right qualification.

If you have the privilege of leading others, you will know that leadership is about inspiring teams and creating a clear vision of the future. 

As well as ensuring the people in their care perform to the best of their ability a team leader is also accountable for managing tasks, resources, and achieving targets. Ironically most leaders spend too much of their time working on managerial accountabilities and don’t spend nearly enough time focussing on where performance and results come from – their people. By focussing on developing talent, encouraging individual development, and team learning you can have more involved and committed staff often achieving better results. 

Most employees will say that a great leader is someone who enables them to be their best, believes in them, supports them to take risks, and helps them to learn and develop skills. This is what makes coaching skills so valuable for leaders. In essence, managers look at the scoreboard, while leaders are at the edge of the pitch coaching the players. Of course, a leader must know the score, but developing talent and enabling the team to perform to their best is what wins the game. 

We can help you coach your team

Coaching Focus is a highly regarded training consultancy that specialises in helping managers and leaders develop effective coaching skills to improve the performance of individuals and teams.  We have many years of practical experience delivering coaching training; we know what works and we know how to help leaders embed their learning into day-to-day practice.  

We offer a range of highly effective qualifications, tailored to your needs and supported with content consistent with the requirements of a standardised national qualification, the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). 

ILM coaching qualifications are aimed to develop the coaching skills of managers and leaders, helping them improve their own performance and productivity as well as that of their colleagues and staff.  Our programmes have a strong focus on theoretical learning as well as a practical application within the workplace which is why they are so popular with our clients. 

ILM qualifications are awarded at different levels: 3,5, and 7. They are complementary and offer a complete package of coaching learning and development from team leader level (Level 3), senior manager level (Level 5), and up to executive coach level (Level 7).  

Visit our page on ILM Coaching qualifications to find out which level is right for you

Whichever coaching qualification you choose, you will discover that coaching is not just a useful skillset for leading, but provides a whole new way of being. A way that focuses on appreciating everyone’s unique abilities and talents maximises learning and development, encourages high performance, and generates great results.  It is this ability and approach that is the mark of a great leader.