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Simon Postlethwaite

Management coach


Simon Postlethwaite

Simon’s strength-based coaching provides busy professionals the opportunity to step out of the operational grind and think deeply about the context and strategic priorities. He utilises empathetic listening and incisive questioning to assist clients in unraveling complex issues. Together, you can progress with clarity and purpose, achieving tangible outcomes and fostering the growth of clients' confidence and agency

Coaching Style and Expertise

Simons coaching approach:

Tangible Outcomes: Clients experience real, measurable results in their professional lives.

Flexible Sessions: Tailored sessions, available in-person or online, to suit individual preferences and schedules.

Strategic Interval Planning: Sessions are strategically scheduled every six weeks, allowing ample time for processing, reflection, and effective implementation of action plans.

Specialising in Developing Leadership Skills:

- Strategic decision-making

- Goal setting

- Conflict resolution

- Developing resilience

- Effective communication

- Leading teams

- Challenging performance

- Driving standards and strategic time management

- Increasing self-awareness and tolerance


- BEd (Hons)

- National Professional Qualification for Headship

- ILM L5 Coach

- Certified Professional Business Analyst TTISI UK

- Visiting Fellow (Ambitions Institute)


“Simon’s unwavering positivity, friendly demeanour and depth of knowledge has been very engaging when discussing strategic solutions and ideas to help me become a better version of myself. With his guidance, I have learned a great deal about strategic solutions to improve my professional productivity, effectiveness, influence and relationships. If you are prepared to start by asking yourself “Why?”, I cannot recommend him highly enough!” Compliance Manager

“Simon has really helped with me to get back into a place where I am back in control both of work/life balance but also my emotional response to work. Simon’s approach is relaxed and non-judgemental, he listens well and creates an environment for positive self-reflection. He gave me the opportunity to explore challenges and offered effective strategies to tackle these in a positive way but also allowed time for me to come to my own conclusions.” Membership and engagement manager