Mentor Skills

Training mentors in your organisation to develop the core skills and behaviours needed to mentor effectively



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Are you using mentoring in your organisation and wondering how best to formalise the approaches being taken so that it becomes more effective?


How are you going to ensure that your mentors have the skills and behaviours they need to make mentoring a more powerful development tool for your organisation?


We build on your organisation’s approach to mentoring, to provide a relevant, contextualised training programme for mentors.


Our facilitation style is highly experiential, engaging and focused on the practical.

What are the benefits?

A common understanding of mentoring

Your mentors have a common understanding of what mentoring is, how to carry it out and how it works within your organisation

Increased skills

Your mentors develop and apply the skills of an effective mentor, and can use these skills more widely in their everyday work

Ethical practice

You can be confident of establishing high standards across your organisation, with mentors following the Code of Conduct for Mentors

Programme Outline

  • Provides a common understanding of the role of the mentor
  • Raises awareness of mentoring skills and behaviours and provides practice of mentoring
  • Develops the confidence of participants to take on the role of mentor
  • Outlines how mentoring will work in your organisation and what support is available to mentors and mentees
  • Assesses the participants’ competence, attitudes and professionalism as a mentor

Delivery Options

Face-to-face: one-day workshop

Virtual: three 2-hour sessions 

Group size

Up to 15 participants per workshop / virtual session


Access to online Resources


  • Comparing coaching to counselling and mentoring and understanding the boundaries of each.
  • The range of approaches available to a coach (coaching mindset)
  • The LEAP Model – an introduction to a coaching conversation
  • Structuring the conversation – the GROW Model
  • A Coaching demonstration – from one of our experienced tutors
  • Coaching practice in pairs