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Welcome to the brand guidelines of Coaching Focus Group. As part of our team, you play a crucial role in representing our high-end coaching brand, committed to helping individuals and organisations unlock their full potential.

Our brand is built on the belief that coaching can contribute to a better tomorrow, and we are dedicated to delivering exceptional coaching programmes that inspire growth and success. This guide serves as your comprehensive resource for understanding our brand, its mission, and how to accurately represent it across various platforms.

Brand Story

Coaching Focus Group was born out of our deep belief in the transformative power of coaching. We are more than just a coaching brand; we are a movement dedicated to fostering positive change and helping people and corporations achieve their goals.

Our tagline, "Be Better," encapsulates our commitment to continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

Our brand personality is a blend of friendliness and focus, approachability and affirmation. We strive to create an environment that is both supportive and uplifting, where growth and learning are nurtured. While we maintain a sense of luxury and high-end service, we are also accessible to all who seek an empowering coaching experience.

Visually, Coaching Focus Group embodies sophistication and approachability. Our rich colour palette features deep, luxurious and bright tones that convey a sense of focus and clarity and energy. We use clean, modern typography to reflect our attention to detail and high-end service. Our visual branding is a testament to our commitment to quality and professionalism.


Core Brand Colours

Primary - #0a3c54

Primary YELLOW - #f3ad1b

Secondary - #7da3a2

Secondary - #4f6c79

Secondary - #cbdfdb


Secondary BACKGROUND - #f2F2F5



Impact Colours

Green - Growth - #26aa7d

Light Blue - Calming, trustworthy, refreshing. - #1d87ae

Pink/Purple - Warmth,
Luxury, Refinement,
Inclusive. - #b54499

Purpose of each impact colour

Light Blue - For Testimonials/Success Stories/Case Studies ONLY
Green - For anything about CFG. For example: About Us, CFG News, Team, Contact Buttons
Pink - For use in reference to the mailing list ONLY


How to use

Our colour palette is a diverse collection of hues, each with a specific purpose in representing Coaching Focus Group. While we have many colours, they don't all need to be used simultaneously. Certain colours are core to our brand and consistently used across our website and marketing materials, while others are used to highlight specific elements.

In this section, you'll find our color palette along with the specific HEX codes for each colour. Remember, the thoughtful use of color is crucial in maintaining a consistent and visually compelling brand experience. Let's use it wisely to uphold our brand's visual identity.


Download Fonts


Semi bold





How to use

Typography is a key element in our brand's visual identity.

We've chosen the "Poppins" font in Semibold, Medium, Regular, and occasionally Light weights to represent our brand.

Please note, we never use the Bold weight as it doesn't align with our brand's visual style.

To maintain visual harmony and readability, we use the Golden Ratio (approximately 1.618) to determine the hierarchy of our font sizes.

Here's a simple way to apply it:

  1. Start with your header font size. For example, if your header is 32px.
  2. To find the subheader font size, divide the header font size by 1.618. Using the example above, 32px / 1.618 ≈ 20px. This will be your subheader size.
  3. For paragraph text, take the subheader size and divide it by 1.618. So, 20px / 1.618 ≈ 12px. This will be your paragraph text size.

Remember, typography is not just about choosing a font and size. It's about creating a consistent, readable, and visually pleasing experience that aligns with our brand. Let's use it wisely to communicate our messages effectively.

See an examples below:

This is a header example with semibold (never bold)- 2.94rem (47px)
This is a sub header example - 1.82rem(29.12 px) - notice the colour and weight change.
This is some paragraph text - 1.125rem (18px)

Voice & Tone

Our brand voice is warm, conversational, and empathetic, yet maintains a sense of professionalism. We aim to build trust and rapport with our clients, providing a supportive and encouraging environment for growth and learning.

Here are some guidelines to help maintain our brand voice and tone:

Conversational Language: Use relatable language. Instead of "Our coaching services will help transform your business," say "Let's work together to transform your business with our coaching services."

Emphasise Benefits: Highlight the positive outcomes of coaching. Instead of "Coaching can help you overcome challenges," say "With coaching, you can unlock your team's full potential and achieve greater success."

Inclusivity: Use inclusive language. Instead of "Our coaching experts can help your business succeed," say "We're here to help you and your team succeed with our coaching expertise."

Positive Affirmations: Use affirmations that reinforce success and achievement. Instead of "Coaching can be challenging," say "With our coaching, you'll gain the skills and confidence you need to achieve your goals."

Empathy: Show understanding towards challenges. Instead of "You need to change your management style," say "We understand transitioning to a coaching-led approach can be difficult, but we're here to guide you."

Humour/Wit: Use humour sparingly to engage and comfort readers.

British English: Use British English spelling and vocabulary for consistency and authenticity. Example use "Organisation" instead of "Organization". Or when discussing a programme use "Programme" instead of "Program".

AI Prompt (Chatgpt etc)

Copy and paste this into chatGPT:

Act as an award-winning copywriter. You've now been hired to write the copy for Coaching Focus Group. Before writing anything, I will send you the Brand Brief along with the Brand tone of voice principles

Then copy and paste the tone of voice principles above. This will allow ChatGPT to keep the tone of voice. After ChatGPT has spat out a load of content, you can then follow it up with prompts that reduce the content amount  ("reduce by 50% but keep the value") or you can use the tone of voice principles to make it more or less like said principle. Eg: "Make it more conversational", "tone down the wit/humour".

Social Media

For our social media presence, we've created a set of templates to ensure brand consistency across all platforms. These templates can be found within Canva, under the section Brand Hub > Brand Templates. Please use these templates for all social media posts to maintain our brand's visual identity and messaging.

View Templates