In a confidential space, take time for self-reflection and gain clarity. Connect with your purpose, unleash your motivation, and craft a roadmap for growth and success together.

Our qualified and experienced coaches, who have navigated similar challenges to you, are here to guide you throughout your journey.
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Meet the WIL Coaches

Lara Roche - Executive Coach
Lara Roche
Executive Coach

Lara Roche, with extensive board-level HR experience, provides transformational coaching for senior women. She enables them to lead strategically, communicate impactfully, and overcome imposter syndrome.

Jennifer Power - Executive Coach
Jennnifer Powell
Executive Coach

Jennifer Powell has 15+ years of experience in culture change, communications, and inclusion at a senior level. She uses questioning, challenge, and feedback and believes if you are resourceful enough to voice issues you can find the solutions.

Sheila Panchal - Executive Coach
Sheila Panchal
Executive Coach

Sheila Panchal is a business psychologist, with extensive experience in coaching senior female leaders. She supports them with career and personal development, and to effectively navigate both leadership and lifespan transitions. 

Brunette woman with long hair sitting down smiling
Mia Tse

Mia Tse, with 26 yrs in HR, excels in transformative coaching, emphasizing self-belief & career shifts. Her innovative methods enhance personal & professional performance.

Jenny smiling
Jenny Brown

Jenny Brown provides warm, insightful coaching in leadership & career development. With varied qualifications, she customises sessions for genuine, enduring success.

Jane smiling
Jane Ferre

Jane Ferré provides executive coaching & consultancy, leveraging vast experience in premier firms, concentrating on talent development and organisational transformation.

Blonde lady in a dark blue blouse standing in front of a door smiling
Gail Hunter

Gail Hunter, with 30+ years in HR, excels in transformational leadership coaching, providing clarity and resilience in a supportive, solution-oriented environment.

Kim smiling
Kim Pettigrew

Kim Pettigrew uses global leadership insight to guide varied clients in transitions & authentic leadership, concentrating on practical, strategic steps to optimise individual potential.

Blonde lady in white top smiling
Danielle Boxer

Danielle Boxer empowers women in leadership, promoting authenticity & balance. With 15+ yrs in retail, she provides tailored coaching, blending empathy & practical insight for transformative growth.