Mentor Skills Programme Outline

This Mentor skills programme is designed to give attendees a fundamental understanding of Mentoring, and allow them to effectively Mentor within the workplace. There are five main objectives:

  • To enable participants to achieve a common understanding of the role of the mentor
  • To raise awareness of mentoring skills and behaviours and to practice how to carry out the role effectively
  • To develop participants' confidence so that they feel able and equipped to take on the role of mentor
  • To understand how mentoring will work within the organisation and what support is available to mentors and mentees
  • To assess the individual’s competence, attitude and professionalism as a mentor

Programme Summary

Face-to-Face Delivery

Either one (8-hours) or a half (4 hours) day training

Virtual Delivery

Either two or three 2-hour sessions

On Demand

Access to online resources

Maximum attendees

15 for virtual or face-to-face delivery

Target Audience

Anyone who will be mentoring within the organisation


Aligned to your Mentoring approach

Who should Attend the Mentor Skills Workshop?

There is no suggested or required level for attendance - it is aimed at anyone who will be mentoring within an organisation.

Benefits of Attending


Understand what Mentoring is, how it should be carried out and how it works within the organisation.

Develop skills

Understand how to apply the key skills of an effective Mentor

Ethical practice

Ensure that standards are high across the organisation, with Mentors following the Code of Conduct for Mentors

The Coaching Focus Way

Our Mentor Skills workshops follow our unique delivery style and method and our approach is highly experiential, engaging and focused on the practical i.e. what works at work.

Our intent is not only to deliver an outstanding Mentor skills programme but to ensure that the participants have a core understanding of how to utilise these skills to facilitate performance within the workplace.

All of our programmes are supported by an extensive portfolio of online learning resources.

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