ILM Level 3 Programme Outline

Our ILM Level 3 Award in Effective Coaching qualification is aimed at team leaders and first line managers who want to be able to adopt a coaching approach with their team within their day-to-day role, as well as develop the capability to undertake structured coaching sessions.

Programme Summary

Face-to-Face Delivery

4 days training (9am-5pm), split into three workshops (2 + 1 + 1 days)

Virtual Delivery

12 x 2-hour sessions, split into 3 workshops ( 6 + 3 + 3 sessions)


Access to online videos, documents and other resources to support the journey


Pre, mid and post programme calls with a tutor

Recommended Attendees

A maximum of 9 per trainer (Up to 16 for two trainers)

Target Audience

Team leaders and first line managers and junior HR and L&D professonials

On Programme Support

Learner support available from start to finish from tutor/s and support team

Practice Coaching

Learners must complete 18 hours of practice Coaching

Portfolio and Assignments

Learners must produce a portfolio of evidence and complete 3 written assignments

Who should attend the ILM Level 3 Programme

There are no entry requirements for the ILM Level 3 Award in Effective Coaching, and is a good introduction qualification for for team leaders and first-line managers who want to be able to adopt a coaching approach with their team and in their day-to-day role. It would also suit junior L&D and HR professionals who want to improve their development conversations with colleagues.

What do I need to do and how long does it take?

To gain the ILM Level 3 qualification, you will need to compile a portfolio of evidence throughout the programme, which consists of:

  • Records of a minimum 18 hours workplace coaching or mentoring
  • 3 written assignments, focused around your understanding of coaching and application and review of your practice
  • 1 book review of one of our recommended reads
  • Evidence of your own learning and development, including tutorial notes and reflections

Throughout the workshops, you will have direct access to your tutor and our support team, along with three 1 to 1 calls with your tutor/s, at the pre, mid and post-programme stages. Each attendee also gets access to our library of online resources, which includes coaching videos, blogs, templates and self-assessments.

The journey from the start of the programme, through to completing the qualification, usually takes between 9-12 months.

Benefits for the Individual


Gain a critical understanding of the role, responsibilities, behaviours, skills and values required of the workplace coach


Obtain a valuable and internationally recognised qualification whilst demonstrating a commitment to developing colleagues

Develop Skills

An opportunity to learn and practice new skills and methods of operating, in a safe environment, with tutor supervision

Benefits for the Organisation

Management Development

Managers will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding to effectively coach and mentor team members


Encouragement for managers to provide effective support for the development of others and improve their performance

Embedded Culture

Help embed a coaching and mentoring culture within your organisation

Programme Logistics

We run this programme both 'in house' for clients and as part of our regular 'Open' programme schedule.

In House - Typically for between 8-12 attendees, we can present this programme at a location of your choice, with a key focus on organisational objectives.

Open - We host Open ILM Level 3 programmes regularly, which are available for individuals to attend in order to gain the qualification.

See upcoming dates and costs.

The Coaching Focus Way

Our Level 3 programme follows the prescribed ILM syllabus whilst retaining our unique delivery style and method.

Our approach is highly experiential, engaging and focused on the practical – what works at work. Our intent is not only to deliver an outstanding ILM accredited programme but to ensure that the participants leave with the practical capability to coach and mentor at work and really make a positive impact on their own performance and to that of their organisation.

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