Coaching Skills for Managers Outline

Our Coaching Skills for Managers programme is aimed at practicing first line managers and team leaders who want to be able to use Coaching as part of their management style. We will provide them with the skills they need to coach formally and informally within with workplace, whilst demonstrating the benefits to help an attitudinal shift towards implementing a Coaching Culture.

ILM Endorsed Coaching Skills for Managers

This programme can also be completed with an ILM accreditation, allowing participants to gain a certificate upon completion, after having their skills assessed.

Attendees must log formal and informal practice within the workplace in between workshops and complete a written and verbal assessment of their skills and knowledge.

Programme Summary

Face-to-Face Delivery

3 days training (9am-5pm), split into two workshops (2 + 1 days)

Virtual Delivery

9 x 2-hour sessions, split into 2 workshops ( 6 + 3 sessions)


Access to online videos, documents and other resources to support the journey

Recommended Attendees

A maximum of 12 per trainer

Target Audience

Team leaders and first line managers

On Programme Support

Learner support available from start to finish from tutor/s and support team

Practice Coaching

Formal and informal workplace coaching in between worskshops

ILM Accreditation

Available with ILM accreditation and certification

Embed a Culture

The ideal programme to embed a Coaching Culture across a large number of managers

What do I need to do and how long does it take?

To gain the ILM accreditation, you will need to compile a portfolio of evidence, which consists of:

  • Records of a formal and informal coaching, with feedback from coachees.
  • Demonsnowledge of coaching by completing a post-programme assessment questionnaire and call
  • Reflections of your learning and development as a coach

Throughout the workshops, you will have direct access to your tutor and our support team, along with access to our library of online resources, which includes coaching videos, blogs and useful templates.

The journey from the start of the programme, through to completing the qualification, usually takes between 6-9 months.

Benefits for the Individual


Gain a critical understanding of the role, responsibilities, behaviours, skills and values required of a line manager to coach

Effective Communication

To enable participants to have more effective and productive conversations with colleagues and team members

Individual Responsibility

To give people the skills to have workplace conversations that allow for individual ownership, responsibility and personal discretionary effort

Benefits for the Organisation

Knowledge, Ethics and Understanding

Ensure the managers you develop are fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need to effectively coach members of their team

Improved Performance

Encouragement for managers to provide effective support for the development of others and improve their performance

Embedded Culture

Help embed a coaching culture within the organisation and create an environment of high performance at work

The Coaching Focus Way

The Coaching Skills for Managers programme follows our unique delivery style and method and our approach is highly experiential, engaging and focused on the practical – what works at work. Our intent is not only to deliver an outstanding programme, but to ensure that the participants leave with the practical capability to Coach at work and really make a positive impact on their own performance and to that of their organisation.

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