Coaching Skills Fundamentals Outline

This coaching skills workshop introduces attendees to the fundamentals of workplace performance coaching and has two main objectives:

  1. To provide some basic coaching skills to be able to incorporate these into a leadership style and ways of working.
  2. To give a fundamental understanding of coaching skills and how to use these when coaching and being coached.

Programme Summary

Face-to-Face Delivery

1 workshop day (9am-5pm)

Virtual Delivery

3 x 2-hour sessions

On Demand

Access to online resources

Maximum attendees

15 for virtual or face-to-face delivery.

Target Audience

Line Managers and aspiring leaders


Pre and post-programme learner support

Who Should Attend Coaching Skills Fundamentals?

This coaching skills workshop is aimed at line managers who wish to gain a fundamental understanding of performance coaching and want to utilise basic coaching skills as part of their leadership style.

Benefits for the Individual

Develop Understanding

To develop a fundamental understanding of coaching and how it can be used to facilitate the learning, development and performance of others.

Develop Skills

To start to develop the skills to have effective workplace coaching conversations that allow for individual ownership, responsibility and personal discretionary effort.

Improve as a Coachee

To understand how to be coached and the skills and tools a coach may use to help facilitate performance.

Benefits for the Organisation

Understanding of Coaching

Ensure that individuals understand the basics and benefits of coaching

Increased Flexibility

Highlights different approaches available to line managers in providing effective coaching for the development of others and improve their performance

Change the Culture

Help embed a coaching culture within the organisation and create an environment of high performance at work

The Coaching Focus Way

Our Coaching Skills workshops follow our unique delivery style and method and our approach is highly experiential, engaging and focused on the practical i.e. what works at work.

Our intent is not only to deliver an outstanding coaching skills programme but to ensure that the participants have a core understanding of how to utilise coaching skills to facilitate performance within the workplace.

All of our programmes are supported by an extensive portfolio of online learning resources.

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