Coaching Through Transition Masterclass

Coaching through Transition

Transition coaching is an effective tool to help individuals adjust to returning to work after parental leave, long-term illness or sabbaticals for example. This masterclass will focus on new skills and techniques that can help re-engage individuals and will increase inclusivity, employee retention and confidence when returning.

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Coaching Through Change Masterclass

Coaching through Change

Change is disruptive for individuals and organisations regardless of whether it is viewed as positive or negative. This Coaching through Change one-day masterclass examines different models of change and the most effective ways to coach through change.

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Coaching for Wellbeing Masterclass

Coaching for Wellbeing

This masterclass develops the understanding of practicing coaches with regards to ensuring the wellbeing of individuals; specifically looking at the ethical, inclusive and professional ways of managing to coach and how to respond if wellbeing is a concern.

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People attending a coaching for confidence masterclass

Coaching for Confidence

Confidence of a coachee can be an inhibitor to their development and growth, which often needs to be addressed before traditional coaching can take place and have a positive impact. This one-day masterclass explores how a lack of confidence can affect the coaching relationship, the individuals' performance and provides guidance on how to increase the confidence of your coachee.

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Coaching to Increase Resilience Masterclass

Coaching to Increase Resilience

Resilience is our ability to withstand, deal with and/or recover from difficult situations i.e. Covid19. It includes our ability to make the best of things, cope with stress and rise to the occasion. We all have this ability, though not always in the quantity we would like. This masterclass series gives the tools and techniques you need to help you and your team build on and increase resilience.

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Team having a discussion in a Remaining Focused Masterclass

Bespoke Masterclasses

If you are looking for a bespoke Masterclass to suit your organisational needs, we can design one specifically for that purpose. We have an extensive Team of Coaching experts, with different areas of expertise. If this is of interest, please contact us, and provide a short description as to what you are looking for.

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