A flexible virtual workshop experience eliminating the need for travel.

The Virtual Environment

Our chosen virtual delivery technology is Zoom. Along with a Facilitator, a Producer will also attend the workshop and their role is to ensure the smooth running of the workshop while the Facilitator focuses on the content and participants.

We are experienced communication technology users, so if your organisation wishes to use an alternative video conferencing technology then we are happy to accommodate.

Our Virtual approach is to emulate our Face to Face workshop environment by utilising a flip chart, NOT slides, to outline, discuss and interact around the content, providing physical workbooks for all participants and placing individuals into breakout rooms to practice the relevant skills.

How our Virtual Programmes Work

It would be hard for participants to focus on a virtual workshop in a way they could in a Face to Face environment, so we break each workshop day into 3 x 2-hour Sessions, which ensures participants remain engaged throughout.

Between each session, participants are asked to carry out reflective practice and utilise our On-Demand digital resource library to reinforce and accelerate their learning.

For most programmes, participants will be sent a hardcopy workbook as they would for any face-to-face workshop, so they can immerse themselves in the session, not have to worry about flicking between different screens, and avoid the need for PowerPoints.

Benefits of Virtual workshop Delivery

Attend from anywhere

Participate in virtual sessions from anywhere with a good internet connection, minimising work schedule disruption.

Reduced Costs

Reduce travel expenses and bring geographically spread groups together where Face to Face workshops would be costly and logistically challenging.

Time to practice

Virtual workshop sessions are spread out, allowing more time for reflection and practice between sessions.

Engaging sessions

Engaging, expert facilitation with the ability to ask questions during live virtual sessions

Virtual breakouts

Take part in virtual breakout sessions to discuss and practice new skills.

On Demand resources

Access to On Demand digital resources before, during and between virtual sessions.

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