Team Coaching Fundamentals Open Programme

  • Team Coaching Fundamentals

Team Coaching Fundamentals Overview

The programme is designed as an introduction to those who coach or want to coach teams within their organisation, such as experienced team leaders, internal coaches and Learning and Development professionals. The key takeaways will be:

  • To appreciate the key differences between managing teams and coaching teams and how these distinctions apply in practice
  • To understand the key skills of the team coach and to experience and use these skills in real-time during the workshops
  • To appreciate key team coaching models in the context of participants’ own team experience

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Presenter: Trayton Vance

When is it?

At this time, we have no Team Coaching Fundamentals Workshops booked. The next series of Masterclasses will be released in the New Year.

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Benefits for the Individual

Develop Understanding

To develop a fundamental understanding of the differences between managing and coaching teams.

Develop Skills

To start to develop the skills of an effective Team Coach and be able to practice in a safe environment.

Apply the Thoery

To understand key models used in Team Coaching and how they can be applied in context.

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