• Coaching through Change Masterclass

Coaching Through Change Overview

This Masterclass aims at helping coaches understand the role they can play in enabling change, understanding the forces at play in change situations and the significant effect they can have in supporting the process of organisational change.

Specifically, the masterclass focuses on looking at the areas in which a coach might be involved in and helping coach people through the reactions to change, helping them to overcome the resistance and discomfort of change, and onwards into the new era, where new competencies and ways of working may need developing. Read more...

Presenter: Kelly Frost

Delivery Method: Virtual Workshop

Session Format: Three 2-hour sessions

When is it?

At this time, we have no Coaching through Change Masterclasses booked. The next series of Masterclasses will be released in the New Year.

To register your interest, or to enquire about in-house programmes please contact us.

Benefits of Attendance


To develop an understanding of models of change within organisations

Overcome Resistance

To understand how to overcome resistance to change with a coachee

Overcome the Fear

To overcome the fear and threat represented by a change


To ensure change is linked to a motivational vision of the future

Develop Skills

To develop the necessary skills needed to coach individuals and organisations through stressful situations

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