Team Dynamics Workshops

Our modular Team Dynamics programme starts with a diagnostic call to understand the specific challenges faced by the team. Our programmes are designed to address those challenges.

Core to these programmes is understanding everyone in the team at an individual level and the skills and qualities they bring to the team dynamic. We use a psychometric, Insights Discovery, which helps us to understand and then build on the team's strengths, effectiveness and skills. The magic happens when we explore how to recognise traits in other people and learn how to adapt our style more effectively to build stronger working relationships with others.

Approach and Delivery

Team Dynamics programmes can be delivered as a stand-alone programme or as part of our very successful detailed, in-depth senior team coaching programme. Both are designed to create sustainable, high performing, collaborative & engaged teams.

Our programmes are interactive, dynamic and engaging. A combination of individual learning, facilitated workshops & 1:1 coaching, they can all be delivered virtually or in person.

Each participant will receive a toolkit of worksheets and guides & a detailed personalised Insights Discovery report which talks about characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and communication preferences.

Following the diagnostic phase our core Team Dynamic programmes are usually either 4 virtual workshops over 6 months or a 1 1/2 day in-person workshop with a half day follow up after 3 months but this is flexible dependent on the specific challenges and clients’ desired outcome/s.

Typical challenges we explore in Team Dynamics workshops include:

Communication Styles & Preferences

Resilience & Stress

Managing Change

Stakeholder Relationships

Ways of Working

Team Morale & Engagement

We firmly believe that every team can improve its effectiveness and performance and our Team Dynamics workshops create a common language, deeper self-awareness for every individual, a shared understanding of each other’s preferred ways of working and increased awareness of how to work more effectively with each other to achieve the team’s goals.

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