Managed Coaching Service

The use of external coaches can present a more pressing need to effectively manage your coaching activity, to ensure return on investment, transparency and consistency across the organisation and to align coaching to the organisational goals and needs.

We offer two additional services that relieve the pressure of this from the organisation.

Coaching Pool Review

Before onboarding any coaches, we will vet each one to ensure they are to the expected standard, and that they are aware of your organisation's requirements for the coaching activity and results. This includes:

  • 1-2-1 call with each coach, outlining the requirements that they will need to meet (completing feedback, questionnaires, or an overview of coaching activity for example), and confirming that they meet the organisational needs.
  • Ensuring all coaches have up-to-date and relevant qualifications, CPD attendance, insurance and NDA’s.
  • Entering into a contract with each coach to ensure professional and ethical standards and procedures are maintained.
  • Ensuring each coach is priced appropriately to align to market value.
  • Evaluating the scope of the coaching pool to provide a comprehensive range of topics and areas of expertise.

We also have our own pool of highly experienced and trusted coaches that can also be onboarded.

Ongoing Management Service

Once formally onboarded and trained on the system, mye-coach would work with the organisation to manage the coaching activity. The level of service and requirements would be discussed on a case by case basis, but can include:

  • Acting as the point of contact for coaches, ensuring all protocols are followed and standards maintained, taking the administrative pressure off the organisation.
  • Administrating all invoicing between the coaches and the organisation, ensuring payments are accurate, and giving the finance team one point of contact for all coaching activity.
  • A general overseeing of the coaching activity, highlighting any anomalies to the appropriate parties, and offering support and guidance to users and coaches on the system and with the relationship.
  • Weekly/monthly reporting on all coaching on the system as required.

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