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Train the Trainer Model

In an ever-changing world, one of the biggest challenges L&D teams face is how to stay on top of their game while adapting to new markets, new requirements and changing environments. To stay competitive, your workforce needs to be trained with the latest skills and knowledge, so it is not uncommon for employees to require skills training sessions.

However, a lot of training sessions calls for a lot of trainers. So, unless you have an endless budget to hire external trainers, you might consider training your own internal trainers who can transfer these skills and knowledge across your workforce.

A competent and skilled group of internal trainers can also help facilitate any future change programmes or transformation initiatives that your organisation might undertake.

Benefits of the Train-the-Trainer Model

The core advantage of the Train-the-Trainer model is its effectiveness to develop new skills and knowledge to a wide range of people within an organisation at scale and pace by utilising your internal resource.


It is less costly to train an individual or small group of people than hiring external trainers to deliver every single training session within the organisation.

Fast and Scalable Delivery

Ideal in situations where fast delivery of training is needed. Upon completion, attendees can deliver their courses simultaneously across the organisation: particularly useful when rolling out change initiatives.

Competent Internal Training Team

Confidence and skills will grow as attendees complete the programme and keep practicing internally, giving you a team of experienced trainers when others focus areas arise.

Professional Development

Becoming an internal trainer and building new competencies is a great professional development opportunity and for the people involved.

Consistency of delivery

Trainers receive the exact materials that they were trained on, enabling them to disseminate the same learning throughout the organisation. This is ideal for large organisations where continuity of training, language and approach is important.

Acceptant of Internal Trainers

In most organisations, people tend to seek advice more from their colleagues who they are already familiar with, than from outside providers.

Tailored Learning

Internal trainers have the advantage of knowing the environment and culture of the organisation as well as the products and services offered and client needs, allowing them to tailor the training content specifically.

Subject-matter Mastery

Training someone else is the best way to learn. As trainers keep delivering training sessions, they will be exposed to handling new situations, meeting new questions and perspectives, increasing their coaching knowledge and competency.

Better Training Follow-up

Since trainers are in-house experts, they stay around and can easily follow through until the skills, knowledge and behaviours become part of the new ways of working.

Attracting Talent

A Train-the-Trainer model has a ripple effect in making the organisation an employer of choice and attracting talent.

Who should attend our Train the Trainer Programme?

Any training program requires investment, both in time and money. As such selecting the right people for the Train the Trainer programme is critical.

Whist we have no set parameters for who should our Train the Trainer programme, we like to complete a short selection process to ensure that the individuals proposed are suitable and that the Train the Trainer programme is right for them and your organisational needs.

The selection process consists of a 45-60 minute telephone interview which checks that the individual has the following attributes:

  • The right level of experience and expertise in coaching, ideally attendees will have a coaching qualification (we suggest minimum ILM Level 5).
  • Individuals are well respected, ideally, a role model and a person who employees look up to as well as go to for support around coaching.
  • Good communication skills and able to facilitate discussions, comfortable in receiving and providing well as skilful in listening to colleagues.
  • A positive attitude and willingness to help colleagues relate the knowledge and skills gained in the training to real-life application during and beyond the training sessions.
  • Flexibility in time and availability to deliver the training once trained as being an internal trainer requires time away from one’s regular job while training.

What does the Train the Train Programme consist of?

The Train the Trainer programme duration and its content will vary depending on the coaching programme you wish to be licensed to deliver.

We can design a Train the Trainer programme for your specific coaching and/or mentoring needs however we have a number of proven programmes already created which are available as Train the Trainer programmes.

Coaching Skills Fundamentals

Coaching Skills Fundamentals

This one day workshop introduces attendees to the fundamentals of workplace performance coaching and provides basic coaching skills to be able to incorporate these into a leadership style and ways of working.

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Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching Skills for Managers

This three-day programme is aim at practicing first line managers and team leaders and will provide them with the skills they need to coach formally and informally within with workplace, whilst demonstrating the benefits to help an attitudinal shift towards implementing a Coaching Culture.

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Mentoring  Skills

Mentoring Skills

These two programmes, aimed at Mentors and Mentees separately, gives attendees the basic skills and understanding as to undertake Mentoring within an organisation.

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Whichever route you take our Train the Trainer programmes have the following core components:

  • Train the Trainer skills development workshop
  • Co-Facilitation of a live inhouse workshop
  • Observation of a live inhouse workshop
  • Ongoing programme support

Each programme is supported with a Facilitators Guide, Printed Flipchart (not slides), Learner Workbooks and access to an extensive portfolio on online trainer and learner materials.

The programme culminates in a final assessment and accreditation which enables the individual to deliver under licence the relevant coaching skills programme they were trained in.

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