Mobile, self-paced, supported learning that actively reinforces and accelerates learning.

The Environment

Our On-Demand Learning Hub allows participants to access bite-sized chunks via a secure, easy to access the online platform. This enables participants to learn on the go and build skills incrementally. Individuals are guided through a series of activities and content that can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Programme Schedule

Because learning is so convenient and mobile-friendly, no one needs to learn at the same time. Participants can access the Hub when they have time and when their energy levels and focus are at their best.

The process is collaborative, so participants will learn alongside their peers – everyone is encouraged to share ideas and experiences with each other and their coach (Coaching Focus or Inhouse) if relevant.

If a coach is used then they will help facilitate the participants learning, development, and performance throughout the learner’s journey.

Advantages for On-Demand Learning include:

Build incrementally

Tasks, activities and assignments help learners to build skills incrementally one step at a time

Objective feedback

Participants learn at their own pace with access to live, personal guidance from their coaches

Self-paced learning

Ensures everyone can learn at their own pace and according to their personal needs

Digital delivery

Enabling you to train large numbers of participants synchronously, consistently and cost effectively

Global Access

Access digital learning from anywhere, minimising work schedule disruption

Range of Resources

Easy access to digital learning assets including videos, guides, diagnostics and coaching polls and quizzes enhance your digital learning experience

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