Team Coaching Fundamentals

Introducing coaches in your organisation to the concepts of team coaching and basic team dynamics



A group of people sit at desks with laptops, some are wearing headsets


Having introduced coaching into your organisation and established internal coaches to work with individuals, this programme is ideal to extend their coaching approach to team coaching.


As a first step, it’s useful to give your coaches a flavour of team coaching – to help them understand the differences and to reflect on how they may need to adapt their approach when working with teams.


Our intention isn’t to develop participants as fully-fledged team coaches, but to help them gain enough insight and skill to occasionally use team coaching approaches with your teams.


As well as providing insights, our facilitation style is highly experiential, engaging and focused on the practical.


If you are looking for a more advanced team coaching skills programme, then explore our four-day Team Coaching - Advanced programme.


What are the benefits?

Create understanding

Develop understanding in your organisation of individual coaching, team building and team coaching and their different uses

Develop internal team coaching capability

Develop internal coaches who can use basic team coaching approaches

Invest in your coaches

Demonstrate to your practicing coaches that you are committed to aiding their development

Programme Outline

  • Highlights the similarities and differences between individual coaching, team building and team coaching and how these distinctions apply in practice

  • Outlines the key models and skills used by a team coach and provides opportunities for participants to practice

  • Provides an understanding of different types of teams and what makes a high-performing team.

Delivery Options

Face-to-face: 1-day workshop day

Virtual: 3 x 2-hour sessions


Pre and post-programme learner support

Group size

Up to 8 participants per workshop / virtual session


Participant workbook

Online Resources