The Aim.

Developing senior managers to be better leaders and to encourage the cultivation of talent – by the expansion of a coaching programme across McDonald’s UK and Ireland.

Staffordshire Police


Two hundred and sixty-six members of Staffordshire police start using their new coaching skills in 2016 and 2017 - kick-starting the organisation’s cultural shift towards even greater effectiveness.


The back of two police officers patrolling.


Short-term results-driven style of leadership, lacking long-term vision, reveals the need for a new approach to broaden skills and encourage collaboration


A 3-day coaching workshop as an integral part of an annual leadership development programme for senior managers


Three-tiered impact, personal, within teams and across the organisation, recognised by executive staff. Now with plans to implement this system at a larger level across the business.


Established in 1968, Staffordshire police serves an estimated population of 1,120,300, employs around 3,000 employees and is responsible for enforcing the law in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.


Internal change to increase external success

The force has developed a Blueprint for Change, which sets out the structure and shape of the force, in response to the operational and financial challenges they will face to deliver the Commissioner’s Police & Crime Plan.

The organisation is now embarking on a period of considerable change to adapt to new and emerging threats and challenges. To do this Staffordshire police plan to build on an already successful foundation to continue to develop a culture that enables people to flourish

As part of this change, it was identified that there was a strong command and control culture which although serves well in challenging and demanding situations, could be a hindrance to innovation and empowerment. Therefore Coaching was chosen as the tool of choice to provide leaders and managers with a spectrum of approaches from Command and Control to Non-directive coaching.

Selecting a winning candidate

Staffordshire police opened a tender process to attract and select the right coaching training supplier, three companies were short-listed for the final stages of the selection process.

To discern the perfect candidate, Staffordshire police put together a small group of police officers and staff, who would assess each supplier to ensure that the winner was an organisation that would appeal and communicate well to staff from all ranks and grades. To establish this, the three shortlisted suppliers were asked to deliver a short coaching session to the panel to demonstrate their tangible skills.

“Trayton delivered a short session at police HQ to a small group of staff, his delivery was relaxed and he obviously had a huge amount of expertise. Coaching Focus performed to a high standard and won the contract, were” says Katie Finan.

Rolling out the training to 266 employees in 7 cohorts with increasing enthusiasm

“Coaching Focus provided the whole package, interactive, informative and enjoyable workshops as well as continual administration support and excellent customer service”
Katie Finan
What we did

Staffordshire police now have 46 officers and staff on the ILM 3 programme and 20 officers and staff on the ILM 5 programme at varying ranks and grades.

25 one day courses were also run by Coaching Focus as an introduction to coaching for staff and officers at any rank and grade, around 200 officers and staff have done the 1-day coaching development day to date.

What we achieved

Staffordshire police was pleased with the immediate results. Katie Finan says: “After the coaching development day or the first workshop of their course, everyone was really enthusiastic and able to start using their new skills and have coaching conversations.”

Chief Inspector and a delegate of the ILM 5 says: “I have undertaken a number of previous contacts for inputs on coaching and can say that this course was excellent. It was balanced to deliver across the range of knowledge and experience in the room with a good range of practical and academic exposure. The range of supporting products available is very good.”

And of the course quality, a delegate that completed the one day introduction says, “This was an excellent course, delivered in a relaxed approach. The trainer kept the attention of the group throughout. Very enjoyable. I gained so much from doing this.”

Katie Finan commented that "Coaching is hard to quantify, especially as the aim is to promote informal coaching from peer to peer by managers; this Programme has been a real positive move to encourage staff to be innovative and feel empowered.

Coaching Focus provided the whole package, interactive, informative and enjoyable workshops as well as continual administration support and excellent customer service.”