• Coaching for Wellbeing

Coaching For Wellbeing Overview

This Masterclass focuses on the reality of working with individuals who experience a lack of physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing. Participants will gain practical tools and frameworks they can take back to their workplace to use for themselves and support their team members. Find out more

Presenter: Valerie Stevenson

Delivery Method: Virtual

Session Format: Three 2-hour sessions

How much is it?

Introduction only (Session 1) - £125 per person (+VAT)

Full programme (Sessions 1-3) - £325 per person (+VAT)

When is it?

Dates and times:

4th November - 10am - 12pm (Introduction Session)

5th November - 10am - 12pm

6th November - 10am - 12pm


Improved Approach

To be able to adopt a more consistent, inclusive approach to coaching, which anticipates and caters for wellbeing issues, including mental health


To understand how to manage the coaching relationship professionally, when wellbeing issues are shared by the client


To introduce the possibility of working with wellbeing issues when the coach believes they may be relevant to the coaching work

Apply Ethics

To understand how to apply the EMCC code of ethics in a constructive, practical way

Develop Awareness

To develop an awareness of how their own experience of, and attitude to, wellbeing may influence their coaching work

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