• Coaching Through Transition

Coaching through Transition Overview

Transition coaching is an effective tool to help individuals adjust to returning to work after parental leave, long-term illness or sabbaticals. This masterclass will focus on new skills and techniques that can help re-engage coaching clients with work, and can increase inclusivity, employee retention and confidence when returning.

Presenter: Valerie Stevenson

Delivery Method: Virtual

Session Format: Three 2-hour sessions

How much is it?

Introduction only (Session 1) - £125 per person (+VAT)

Full programme - £325 per person (+VAT)

When is it?

Dates and Times:

27th October - 10am - 12pm (Introduction Session)

28th October - 10am - 12pm

29th October - 10am - 12pm

Benefits for the Individual

Develop Skills

To develop the skills and have the practice opportunities to open a meaningful dialogue on the issues preventing full re-integration

Develop Focus

To develop the ability to focus on resolutions as opposed to overindulging the issues.

Benefits for the Organisation


Helps maintain levels of staff engagement and improves employee engagement

Increased Awareness

Increases awareness of the issues facing employees returning to work


Encourages positive rather than passive identification of issues that may lead to a resignation

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